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How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

For the average person, weight gain begins in October with the leftover Halloween candy and continues well into the New Year. Your schedule becomes busy with holiday parties, your home is filled with goodies and treats. You are exhausted and can't even imagine exercising, or making a healthy meal.  So how do you keep the weight off and stay on track during the holidays?  Here a few tips to help you do just that!

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1. Keep the treats out.  Don't keep a stash of treats around, they will tempt you.  Instead, find some healthy options to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Some tasty after dinner treats without the added sugars and calories are flavored teas and coffee.  Try gingerbread, peppermint, caramel or mocha.   Pair your cup of tea or coffee with a Fig Bar.

2. Plan outdoor activities.  If the weather allows, go for an afternoon walk and enjoy the fall colors.  During the Christmas season, plan a holiday lights tour and walk around local neighborhoods.  If you live in the snow, try a new snow activity such as cross country skiing or ice skating.

3. Register for a race that requires you to train during the holidays.  In doing so, it will help you stay on track with your eating and exercising.  Stick to your training program so you are prepared for your race.  Invite some friends to join you.  If you have never raced before, find some simple Couch to 5K training programs to follow.

4. Stick to your workout schedule.  Put your workouts on your schedule and plan around them.  Make them a priority and stick to your goals.  You have worked too hard all year long to throw it away at the end of the year.

5. Buy new workout clothes.  Nothing motivates me more than cute workout clothes!  Once you start losing some weight, it is fun to shop for new workout clothes to show off your new fit self!

6. Pack a Snack.  The holidays are so busy, chances are you will be skipping some meals without even noticing.  Once you skip a meal you will end up starving and make poor choices and grab an unhealthy snack to satisfy your hunger.  Keep healthy snacks with you at all times, that way, you will never go hungry.  I keep Fig Bars in my purse and gym bag, packets of raw nuts, apples, and always a bottle of water.

7.  Stay hydrated.  When we are dehydrated, we tend to get hungry too.  I never leave home without my water bottle, it goes everywhere with me.  I use a glass bottle so I can refill it when necessary.  Hydration keeps you healthy and your tummy satisfied too.

8. Make the calories count.  I have a sweet tooth and if I am going to indulge in a treat, it has to be worth the calories.  I am not going to splurge on some store bought cookies, no thank you!  I save up my calories for a homemade pie, freshly baked cookies or brownies.  Plan ahead for your treat days so you can really enjoy it and don't waste those calories on junk.  Remember it is a treat, not a cheat!

9. Keep yourself busy.  If your hands are busy making crafts or decorating then you will be less likely to snack.  Pick up some fun craft kits to do with your kids.  Make homemade gifts for family and friends.  Bake up a huge batch of granola and wrap in cute Mason Jars with holiday ribbon.  Roast a batch of maple glazed nuts to hand out to the hostess at your next party.  Homemade gift tags are so fun and cute to make, you can find a variety of ideas on Pinterest.

10. Look hot!  Go shopping for some fun holiday outfits to wear to your parties that enhance your new physique.  If you have a new outfit you can't wait to wear, you will do all that is necessary to make sure you will fit into it!  The holidays are a time to look strong, healthy and fit!


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