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A Dream Come True

Ever since I can remember, Japan has always been a place that I wanted to snowboard. Every year,  I would watch snowboard/ski videos and the POW segments that they showed always blew my mind. It looked like the most fun ever and the lightest snow imaginable. Recently, my dream came true and I went to Niseko, Japan with my brother and our longtime friend Sam. Below are a few highlight photos from the trip that I with captions so you can understand what is going on. =)


This first one is pretty self-explanatory. We just landed in Japan!!!! IT'S HAPPENING! =) Thats my brother Conor on the left and Sam is on the right.






The first two days that we were there happened to be quite warm. No big deal, grab the all mountain boards and go rip some fun laps at the local resorts. This was shot at Niseko-Hirafu.


These little gems were everywhere! This probably just looks like a normal vending machine but there was something a bit awesome about it. They offer cold drinks and WARM! You can get your morning coffee, hot chocolate or even warm soup in a can. Might sound strange but I thought it was pretty neat to get warm drinks out of a vending machine.



Grocery shopping. More difficult then you would think, haha. Since there were no English translations on any of the packaging it was quite the guessing game. Pick whatever looks like it might be good. We nailed it probably 60% of the time. =) Too bad they didn't have any Natures Bakery, cause that would have made things a lot more easy for us.

image6Lucky for us, I brought a huge stash of deliciousness with! This is a shot from the lift at Niseko-Annupuri. That Volcano in the background is called Youtei-Zan. Wherever you are in Niseko, you can always see the Volcano and it never got old. Thanks so much to Natures Bakery for keeping us fueled, especially when we made some bad picks at the grocery store!






We had several days when we went touring in the back country. Here is a shot of me and Sam hiking up and abandoned ski resort that is a 10 minute drive from another resort named Moiwa. We hiked on days when resorts didn't open up the money zones (powder fields) and wanted to get some real pow as opposed to just lapping regular groomed runs. Lots of hours spent hiking, was it worth it?


I would say so! =) This is what I dreamed of. The lightest snow I had ever ridden! This is my heaven, I could do this all day/all year. Snowboarding is when I am truly free, nothing on my mind, truly living in the moment and soaking up every second of it. Two and a half weeks in Japan was the best trip I have taken in a long time. Great culture, amazing snowboarding mixed with great friends and laughs. What more could I ask for? ... TO GO BACK! =)

Thanks for reading and thanks for your continued support Natures Bakery!

-Danny T

Do You Eat Anything You Want?

This is a question I’ve been getting asked a lot lately.  The short answer is “No”.  I could probably write a whole book on my nutrition, but for the purpose of this blog, I’ll keep it short and sweet (pun intended?).  There are a few reasons I can’t just eat anything, and there are some good reasons I eat the select items that make up my current diet.

Calorie intake is critical when in peak Ironman training.  There are days when I burn somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,000+ calories. I have to replenish those calories, but I am careful...

Snow Covered Roads Leading to Solace

Ice covered roads lead to some beautiful places.

The sun shines in through the car window, beaming warmth onto your bare arms. Songs of the day move through the speakers, through your hair, through the wind. The open road seems endless. Pavement stretches for miles and miles. Gas stations become fewer and farther between. When the car is stopped, the air is still. You take a moment to pull over, snap a photo of the landscape so that you dare...

My many adventures as a world touring musician

Since my last update, I’ve had the pleasure of not only touring Japan, but also Europe, the UK and various cities across the United States. And best of all, despite the rough/rugged adventures of being a touring musician, my health has continued to stay in tip-top shape! As I’ve said before, when being the lead singer in a touring heavy metal band, staying healthy is a MAJOR key to being successful. Running and jumping around on stage every night while singing at the top of my lungs is NOT an easy feat, thus being at the top of my...

Staying Healthy on Tour.. Japan, Europe and the UK!

I guess you could say that one of my favorite 'extra curricular' activities is a bit different than most. When I'm not working full-time, I'm touring the world as the lead vocalist in a heavy metal band called World Of Pain. Just this past month, I was lucky enough to bring NATURE'S BAKERY on tour with me to JAPAN, as an aid on my quest of staying both healthy and fit, while touring internationally.

Being that I am a vocalist in a heavy metal band with an aggressive vocal style, my...

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