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So, You Want to Become a Kiteboarder?

So you want to become a kiteboarder? Well here's how:

kite51. Find a reliable kite school. This step can take some time, but make sure the person you are taking kite lessons from is legitimately certified. Kitting is an extreme sport, having the right training and information is critical for becoming  a safe and successful kite boarder. The average price of a lesson is typically around $150.00 per hour. It is advised to take as many lessons as needed, despite the expense because the knowledge is forever useful.

2. Taking lessons. Keep a positive attitude and always keep an open mind because you might not touch the water on the first day. Kitting requires a great deal of patience and precedence. Some people may progress faster, but don't be discouraged and continue to work hard. Additionally, learning the safety of operating a kite is crucial for your safety and the safety of others.

3. Finding the right gear. During these lessons begin to try out different gear and see what works best for you. Once you are able to kite safely on your own, you will need your own set of gear: a harness, wetsuit, board and a minimum of 2 different kite sizes depending on your size and your kite location. A total package can start at $2,000 if you look for a good deal. When you begin, wearing a helmet and impact vest are strongly advised. kite3

4. Kitting independently after lessons. Make sure you always go kitting with someone else and make sure someone on land knows you are in the water. The fact that kiting is a dangerous sport could not be repeated enough and having someone to support  you is necessary.

5. Have fun! The essence of kitting is to enjoy yourself out there and to continue to challenge yourself on the water whenever you can.

With such an intense sport, there are both positive and negative factors in becoming a full time kiteboarder. First of all, expenses such as buying gear for the first time and taking lessons should be viewed as an investment because kite boarding has so many necessary details, there are many risks involved. Injuries can be part of the sport, especially as you progress and try new tricks. kite4Additionally,  wind is unreasonable, so you will not have perfect conditions and be able to kite whenever you want. Kiting takes a lot of planning and requires massive amounts of preparation. On a positive note, the kiting community is rapidly growing. Also, since the sport is small the community brings about the feel that everyone knows everyone. With kiting, there are so many different tricks and moves, so there is always room for improvement and new records to break.

Now, get out there and catch some wind and bust some moves!








Riding Upwind, Traveling & Being a Student


World Class Kiteboarding Academy, a traveling high school, focuses mainly on kiteboarding and spends the whole year flying and driving around the globe to all the best kite spots.

This year we are made up of five students and four teachers. We started our journey in Washington, kiting on the Columbia Gorge each day and enjoying the beautiful nature around us.

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