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Wild Style Road Trip

jay4Sometimes you just have to get in the truck and go! Anik and I have been talking about a road trip for a while. The lack of snow has put a damper on our skiing fix and even though the paddling has been great we were in need of some waves and warmer water.

jay1I received a call from a friend that lives where I grew up in San Clemente. She asked if I could come down and shoot some instructional videos for a stand up paddleboard magazine and of course I said yes!! Anik and I do pretty well when it comes to last minute trips so we loaded up the sixpac camper on the the tundra, packed the essential surf accessories along with the dogs and of course the kid and pulled out of the drive way in a complete down pour rain storm, perfect! The drive down was interesting to say the least with gnarly rain for the first hour and then super strong winds all the way down I5.

jay3We decided to take care of a few things while we were down there and that started with a quick stop with Joe Bark to pick up our new stand up paddleboards.
After that is was to the beach which greeted us with some great head high surf! We did some training at baby beach in Dana Point and shot a few videos for the magazine. The next day was back in the water for an early surf, a quick meeting with Surftech to discuss our upcoming paddle camps and then back to the water for more filming! Another stop with Joe Bark on our way outta town headed to San Francisco to pick up Aniks mom from the airport and then back in the Tahoe mountains!

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A great little whirlwind road trip Wild style!! 

How to Make a Fig Bar Wreath


As we eat so many Fig Bars, we thought it would be fun to find ways to incorporate our wrappers and bars into creative and enjoyable crafts for the whole family. We are going to start our first do-it-yourself blog with reusing our Fig Bar wrappers.

Check out how we made a festive and easy Fig Bar wreath for the holidays.

Below is the supplies list we used, but please feel free to swap for any decorations you like. The good thing about wreaths is you can decorate them your way and to...

So, You Want to Become a Kiteboarder?

So you want to become a kiteboarder? Well here's how:

1. Find a reliable kite school. This step can take some time, but make sure the person you are taking kite lessons from is legitimately certified. Kitting is an extreme sport, having the right training and information is critical for becoming  a safe and successful kite boarder. The average price of a lesson is typically around $150.00 per hour. It is advised to take as many lessons as needed, despite the expense because the knowledge is forever useful.

2. Taking lessons. Keep...

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