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My many adventures as a world touring musician

Since my last update, I’ve had the pleasure of not only touring Japan, but also Europe, the UK and various cities across the United States. And best of all, despite the rough/rugged adventures of being a touring musician, my health has continued to stay in tip-top shape! As I’ve said before, when being the lead singer in a touring heavy metal band, staying healthy is a MAJOR key to being successful. Running and jumping around on stage every night while singing at the top of my lungs is NOT an easy feat, thus being at the top of my game is of utmost importance. Thankfully, Nature’s Bakery fig bars help to keep my macro-nutrient intake up while at the same time aiding in a fine balance of ‘healthy’ eating and sustained energy while out on the road.

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff...  despite being on a grueling schedule of non-stop nightly shows in different cities across Europe and the UK, I had the opportunity to visit a few very cool spots around France that I’ve wanted to visit since childhood. The first spot being ‘Omaha Beach’ in Normandy, where D-Day took place on June 6, 1944. What an amazing place of historical importance, the actual location where our own soldiers (and many from my own family tree) started their journey in what became a march across Europe to defeat Hitler and his Nazi regime. Just visiting this place honestly made me speechless; it was truly quite the experience.


Next up was another historical spot buried deep beneath the streets of Paris, known as the Catacombs or l'Ossuaire Municipal. This eerie ‘underground graveyard’ is definitely one of the most macabre historical sights I have ever visited. I’ll let the pictures do the talking with this one... what a sight!

Paris-1 Paris-2 Paris-3 Paris-4

Although there are MANY more stories that I could share from my most recent touring adventures, I’ll go ahead and save those for future storytelling. But before I sign off, last but not least, as promised in my previous community post… it’s time to spill some of my ‘top secret’ vocal/singing tips! Many people ask me, ‘how can you sing like that and not lose your voice?!’ Well, simply put, I take care of my voice. I do vocal warm-ups (scales) and never sing outside of my ‘comfortable’ vocal range, i.e. I do not strain my voice. Ok, so perhaps those techniques are more common knowledge than top secret, so I’ll let you all in on my tried and tested super-duper VERY top secret vocal technique, which is simply nothing more than hot water! Yes, it’s true… during every performance, I am constantly sipping on a thermos full of hot water, which helps to keep my vocal cords warm and running strong. Hot water along with traditional proper singing technique helps to keep my vocal cords healthy and strong throughout my touring adventures. In other words, don’t neglect proper warm-up techniques and NEVER drink cold water while performing! Your throat will thank you ;) With that said, I’ve got a cup of hot tea and a package of (2) whole wheat blueberry fig bars calling my name… so until next time, keep rockin’!


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