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Biking Season is Officially Here!

Up here in Åre, Sweden, Spring is struggling to come out but as far as I'm concerned it is here! As much as I love skiing the switch to the bike could of come even earlier for me this year. Since I've been rehabbing my knee the past few months biking has been a good escape from the end of this particular ski season.

It's muddy up here in the center of Sweden, especially since there is still a good amount of snow that needs to melt up on the summits. The Winter was not the best, but it doesn't seem to want to go away either. Fortunately I've gotten used to muddy tracks again after spending many seasons in the dust back in Tahoe. Here in Sweden everyday is a brown pow day!

Reine Barkered, Erik Westberg and I decided we needed to catch a glimpse of Spring down in Stockholm, 8 hours south, while we wait for it to arrive in Åre. I've heard a ton about the riding in Stockholm but never made the journey till last weekend. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised!

Riding in Hellasgården

Riding in Hellasgården

First we headed to Hellasgården, located just South East of Stockholm City. This area is what I hear about most when people talk about riding in Stockholm. With over 500km, (some say) of trails it's an amazing spot for mountain biking right next to the city! Technical and rolling hills all throughout the area make this a playground for mountain bikers that like to challenge themselves.

The following day we decided to check out a new area that our friend Utter lived nearby. This spot is called Ursvik. A little less popular than Hellasgården but just a much fun. In Ursvik the trails were a bit less technical with some more flow. A prefect contrast to the technical tracks we rode the day before.

Utter cruising in Ursvik

Utter cruising in Ursvik

Loving some smooth tracks!

Loving some smooth tracks!

Sunday came and it was the warmest and sunniest day of the trip. Of course that meant it was time to go home. We all decided we needed to take advantage of this weather while it was around and that we would head out for a quick ride nearby our place. None of us had any idea of how the riding was in Tyresta National Park but we thought it was worth a look. I think we all assumed it would just be some mellow dirt roads, which of course is better than nothing. We couldn't of been any more wrong! The riding in Tyresta was great, and possibly the most technical of the places we checked out. It was a pleasant surprise that of course meant our "quick" ride would turn into a 3+ hour adventure.

Erik finding his own way

Erik finding his own way.

It was a great finish to a fabulous bike premier for the season! The skis are hung up for now and we've got more bike adventures in the works!

Snack time!

Snack time!

The New Gluten Free Fig Bar

The thing that I love most about fig bars is how simple they are. As a professional athlete as well as a recent nutrition graduate from the University of Nevada Reno, I have a first hand appreciation for simplicity when it comes to what I eat. This is because whole, natural, and real food is simple, and it's also the best source of fuel for your body.

Unfortunately, even the simplest of foods become rather complex when a gluten free version is created. This is because most companies try to simply remove...

The FAQ’s on our NEW Gluten-Free Fig Bars made with Ancient Grains

Gluten Free has finally arrived! (Insert applause).

To celebrate the launch of our new line of Gluten Free Fig Bars made with Ancient Grains, we wanted to take the time to highlight key product details and answer some questions you might have.

When Nature’s Bakery began back in 2010, we launched our brand beginning with delicious whole wheat fig bars leading with quality and thoughtful ingredients. As Nature’s Bakery grew in popularity, we expanded our Stone Ground Whole Wheat product line from three to eight flavors and added...

4 Nutrition Secrets for Faster Recovery

In endurance sports, you can only improve as fast as you can recover. While things like stretching, foam rolling, and compression socks can all be beneficial, the vast realm of nutrition offers some of the biggest benefits to speed up recovery. Here are 4 nutrition principles to change the way you recover:

Hunger is the Enemy

Starting immediately when you wake up in the morning on a rest day, it's important to maintain a steady, balanced intake of nourishment. Protein and carbohydrates are necessary to rebuild and refuel muscles, but they're also...

Fig Bars are a “Hole in One”

The question Jared gets asked quite frequently is...
"WHAT DO YOU EAT? Before, during, and after your round?"

 As a healthy eating plan is important for EVERYONE, golfers have a unique schedule because they warm up for about an hour before their tee time, their round is 5-6 hours long, and they practice a little after the round to fine tune things. It is a LONG DAY, and there are not "set breaks" thrown in to sit down and eat.

Jared's pre-round breakfast...

A Dream Come True

Ever since I can remember, Japan has always been a place that I wanted to snowboard. Every year,  I would watch snowboard/ski videos and the POW segments that they showed always blew my mind. It looked like the most fun ever and the lightest snow imaginable. Recently, my dream came true and I went to Niseko, Japan with my brother and our longtime friend Sam. Below are a few highlight photos from the trip that I with captions so you can understand what is going on. =)

This first...

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