Here at Nature’s Bakery, we are an open book. You can ask us anything. And some people already have. In case you’re wondering the same things, we’ve put together this handy list of FAQs. Of course, if you have a different question, go ahead and shoot. We’ll get back to you soon.


Do they contain Peanuts or Tree Nuts?

At this time the only allergen present within our manufacturing facilities is Wheat. Our fig bars & brownies are made on dedicated oven lines that do not manufacture any products that contain eggs, soy, sesame, milk, peanuts & tree-nuts. Allergens are controlled via-allergen separation (in storage areas), allergen labeling (all allergens are labeled-including individual units), color coding (utensils used to handle allergens are colored), employee awareness training of allergens (annually re-trained), proper ingredient handling procedures, and GMPs-Good Manufacturing Practices. So we do all that we can to keep allergens away from all of our fig bar ingredients. These are the process and controls to help eliminate the possibility of cross contamination of allergens to our products.

Wheat one of the top 8 allergens is present in all products manufactured by Nature’s Bakery besides our Gluten Free Fig Bars. Our Gluten Free Fig Bars are certified Gluten Free, Kosher and Vegan, verified Non-GMO as well as dairy free, egg free and soy free. To mitigate cross contamination, this is controlled through scheduling, Gluten Free is ran prior to Whole Wheat. Through scheduling Gluten Free is ran on fully cleaned, sanitized, and validated equipment. Our finished products are tested through a method called ELISA, this verifies that there has been no product contamination..

Do the fig bars contain dairy or are they made with eggs?

No. They are Dairy-Free and are DO NOT contain eggs.

Do your Fig Bars contain soy?

No. They DO NOT contain soy or share equipment with soy.


Is the canola oil produced corn based?

The canola oil, which is also known as rapeseed oil, is part of the mustard family.  There is no affiliation with corn and as a result the canola oil is non-GMO.

Is your caramel coloring all natural?

We use class 1 Non-GMO Project Verified caramel color made from cane sucrose.  This class of caramel color is minimally processed, and no ammonium or sulfite compounds are allowed.

Is the modified food starch non-GMO?

Yes. Our modified food starch used in our fig bars is not genetically modified, but rather modified through heat. The modified food starch is from tapioca starch, which is from a cassava root. Each and every ingredient used in our fig bars is verified by the Non GMO Project.  We work extremely close with our vendors to make sure that we are constantly in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Non GMO Project.  You can visit their website at www.nongmoproject.org for more information.

Does the glycerin used in the fig bars come from an animal source?

No, the glycerin is from a vegetable source.  Our fig bars are certified Vegan from the Vegan Action. Learn more here: http://vegan.org/certify/


How many calories in a Twin Pack of bars?

A twin pack is 2oz. It contains two 1oz fig bars. Each 1oz fig bar is 110 calories each.

A whole twin pack is 220 calories.

How much potassium/phosphorus are in your products?

The potassium content in the original flavored Fig Figbar is 70 milligrams of potassium and 35 mg of phosphorus whereas the flavored Figbars are 65 milligrams of potassium per bar and 35 mg of phosphorus.

Our Gluten Free Figbars contain 60 mg of potassium and 15 mg of phosphorus.

Our Organic Honey & Oat Figbars contain 35 mg of potassium and 25 mg of phosphorus.

Our Brownies contain 95 mg Potassium and 25 mg Phosphorus per serving.

Our Organic Brownie Figbars contain 65 mg of potassium and 55 mg of phosphorus.

How is the food starch modified for use in your products and is it genetic modification?

The modification can be physical, enzymatic, or chemical to give it the desired outcome needed for our application. The modification for our application is chemical, where we use heat to modify the food starch. The modified food starch is not genetically modified.


Do you have coupons?

We do not offer coupons at this time.

Can I purchase the fig bars online or directly from Nature's Bakery?

Yes. Simply order through our Amazon.com brand page at www.amazon.com/naturesbakery.

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