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Tahoe Powder Days!

This winter started out with a snowstorm bang, but since the Holidays storms have been few and far between.  Needless to say a powder day was long overdue here in Tahoe.

However, it has not slowed me down. I have been riding the park everyday at Northstar and when I am not on the hill I spend my time training in the gym over at the High Fives headquarters and practicing my newest tricks, like the back double cork 1080, at the Woodward indoor facility.  To come all the way from a Traumatic Brain Injury, where they weren’t sure if I was even going to be able to walk again, to perfecting a back double cork 1080 in the span of two years is something I am very stoked about.


Finally this past week Tahoe got hit by a solid snow storm and it did not disappoint.  With over a foot of snow that had accumulated overnight, a few friends and I headed over to Northstar on March 7th and rode hard all day, finding plenty of fun blower pow.


With all of the new snow that has arrived I am super stoked to get back on my split board and head out into the backcountry. I'm also eager to get on board with a few snowboard trips and continue filming with my brother Conor & our production company, Shreddy Times.


Here are a few pictures from this past week on our powder day at Northstar. Hope you all enjoy them.  Keep active!




“Fresh Out Of The Oven”

New to the Nature’s Bakery family, which would make me fresh out of the oven?

My name is Trevor Ivey. I am a 20 year old born and raised in the great Northwest, on the out skirts of Kennewick Washington. Now I find myself living  in Menifee, Southern California. Here I am chasing, or better yet, living the dream I had for as long as I can remember. Southern California is known as the “hub” of the motocross industry, which is exactly what brings me here.

I race Motocross and Supercross Professionally, and...

Lofoten, Norway

Earlier this month I traveled North to Lofoten, Norway. I've traveled to many places but this is one of the most picturesque areasI have ever been to. We had hoped to get some ski touring in but also knew it was a bit late in the season to ski. We headed Northfrom Are, Sweden, (where I will be spending my summer this year) on a 9 hour drive and then a 3 hour ferry ride from Bodo, Norway to Lofoten.

Ferry from Bodo, Norway to Lofoten, Norway

Reine Barkered...

On The Road

Over the past few weeks I've been through six countries, slept in four those in six different locations. My first stop was in Chamonix, for the second stop for the women for the Freeride World Tour. I was managing a bit of a cold that hit me prior to leaving the states but when it came to the comp day I was feeling pretty good. Unfortunately, I had some bad luck and hit a wind drift that took me out. When approaching it I thought it was nothing I couldn't handle, I was wrong along with a few other...

Working Out Smarter, Part One

A Sitdown With A Personal Trainer

At the ripe old age of 40-something, I finally figured out that fitness is not an all-or-nothing proposition. I may never be an elite athlete, but I’m sure as hell not going to be a big ball of goo either. So I set out to maximize the limited time I have to dedicate to fitness. While exercising with a personal trainer at my side is not in the cards for this part-time writer/full-time mom, sitting down with one for an hour is.

Bio, Mark Macenas

Hello. My name is Mark, I’m a professional, full time firefighter in North Carolina. Days I'm not at the fire house I'm lucky to be able to spend time taking care of my daughter.  In my short amount of free time, I like to be creative using my artistic skills in Printmaking and leather work. My other hobbies include beekeeping and  brewing mead & beer. To keep in shape, I focus on eating healthy and leading an active lifestyle running, cycling, swimming, hiking and white water rafting.

Favorite Quote:
"I have no...

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