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D.I.Y Paper & Fig Bar Wrapper Snowflakes



Can you believe we are already halfway through December?! As everyone continues to get into the holiday spirit, we thought of a fun winter craft to do with our Fig Bar wrappers. Continue reading to learn how to make these beautiful snowflakes to decorate the house with!


  • Scissors
  • Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar Wrappers
  • Paper
  • Glue *optional
  • Glitter *optional

Snowflake4Open your Fig Bar wrapper all the way and cut off the edges to make it a square. (If you are using paper: cut your paper into a square.)


Snowflake5Fold your Fig Bar wrapper (or paper) in half to make a triangle.



Snowflake6Now fold it again to make a smaller triangle.



Snowflake7Cut the two opposite corners off of your triangle.



Snowflake8Fold one more time.



Snowflake9Now, get your scissors out and cut away! However you want just be creative!



Snowflake10Finally, open your wrapper (or paper) to see your special snowflake design! Just remember, no two snowflakes are ever the same!

Happy Holidays!


Feature Story in US Business Executive

"Midway through the recession isn’t an ideal time to start a company, but that didn’t stop Dave Marson and his son Sam Marson, cofounders of Nature’s Bakery. In 2010, in Reno, Nevada, the pair launched Nature’s Bakery, a snack food brand that supports health-conscious living and active lifestyles through better-for-you ingredients and quality nutrition...."

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Gluten Free Fig Bars Take Home a Win

"Every year, as students of all ages head back to school, parents inevitably find themselves searching anew for the latest, better-for-you, healthy school snacks that their kids can pack into their lunchboxes and backpacks—snacks that feed their minds, as well as their bellies. They’re searching for foods that their kids will enjoy, but that they feel good about serving them." Read more here

Nature’s Bakery and Honest Tea Present: On the 12th Day Giveaway


Here at Nature's Bakery we like to keep it simple, have fun and achieve balance in life through nature, activity, nutrition and community. This year, we teamed up with the awesome folks at Honest Tea to offer three fantastic prizes for our fans.

Enter to win here: On the 12th Day Giveaway

We are giving our fans 12 days to enter to win a Ski Package, Yoga Package and Danica Patrick/NASCAR Package. The giveaway will run from December 11 through December 22. Each fan can enter to win each package once. Fans...

The Toughest Mountain Bike Race in the World

Every fall, the international mountain bike community meets in the jungles of Costa Rica to line up on the starting line one last time before the off season begins. The event is known as La Ruta de los Conquistadores and it's quite unlike your typical mountain bike race. Starting from the Pacific Coast, riders face 3 brutal days of racing before reaching the finish line on the Caribbean beach, on the opposite side of the country.

The race has become known as "the toughest mountain bike race in the world" due to...

Wellness at Home: Keeping your Lungs Healthy

Did you know that last month was National Healthy Lung Month? If not, no worries, I didn't either! But, I just became aware of it and thought to myself, hmmm.. there are so many ways I am probably not keeping my lungs healthy. It's easier to think about the heart and brain and keep in tip top shape through exercise, nutrition, and stress management techniques. However, the lungs are important too!

So today's post focuses on the lungs and how we can keep them healthy. It all starts with your home!


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