The Wild Summer of Anik and Jay Wild.

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Summer 2014 was a blurr with so many ups and downs. On some levels it was one of the best summers of our life and then we had some very low moments that could have made it the worst summer ever.

Anik and I are business owners, parents, athletes and coaches and we love what we do. The hard part is cramming all those things into 4 months of a Lake Tahoe summer.

Below is a breakdown of our business, coaching endeavors and athletic goals and aspirations.

Living in the mountains we have had to create our own water lifestyle through our business ventures like Watermans Landing, and Paddle Elite Fitness. Within our businesses we want to work with like minded companies who share the same passion as we do. Natures Bakery is very fitting with what we have created and we are happy to be associated with such a great company!

Unknown-2Jay Wild
Personal Goals and athletics ambitions:
I am Jay Wild; a husband, father, coach, entrepreneur and athlete. I enjoy every aspect of the life I have created with Anik and our son Jaxsen.
ATHLETE - Over my years of paddling, I have been fortunate to compete at a high level on outrigger canoes and stand up paddleboards. Paddling is my passion and I anticipate to paddle for the rest of my life. I really enjoy mixing up my paddle crafts and my goals for the coming years are to become a more well rounded paddle athlete. I will always race stand up and outrigger but I want to start competing on prone paddleboards as well. I have the ambition to race Molokai in all three paddle crafts and stay competitive within the stand up paddle elites as well.
COACH - Meanwhile, I have taking my coaching career to the next level. Joining the Riding Bumps Team of Coaches and became affiliate trainer with PaddleFit Pro. Coaching is very important to me, I love being able to pass on what I have learned over the years to new paddlers and veteran paddlers alike.
BUSINESS OWNER - My passion for paddling has helped generate a passion to educate consumers on the proper products they need for what they want to get out of paddling. I am not a sales person I am an a paddler that has the resources and knowledge to help put the best product under your feet and in your hands. I have the knowledge of products to help consumers understand what they are buying but I also have the top level experience to give an honest opinion of how I think the products will perform for them.

Anik Wild
Personal Goals and athletics ambitions:
I'm a forever passionate athlete, and I'm continuously looking to have more fun, be fitter, faster and perform in my athletic life. I want to be an awesome mom and provide an healthy and adventurous life style through paddling to Jax, along side of Jay. I'm an entrepreneur and I am eager to drive our company to its maximum potential of success. I have ambition to be faster on my SUP this coming summer 2015, I want to spend time on the Prone paddleboard and compete in a few races and have some fun with the OCs. All that will be accomplished by paddling year-round on Tahoe and living the life style that the Wild Family has set-up for themselves as passionate paddlers. In the meantime, I have hopes for my lifestyle to provide a role model example the our Tahoe Waterman Groms. As well as to all the woman that I have the chance to meet throughout my athletic life, sharing the practice of determination and discipline. With the objective in mind to get her ladies as fit, as confidant and as happy as a women can be.

The Training: Paddle Elite Fitness:
Paddle Elite Fitness; is our avenue to get people fit and on the water by coaching, operating paddle clinics and camps listed below. Through Paddle Elite Fitness we have created our Team Tahoe Waterman training group. This team/group training environment encourages members to participate as well as creates the friendly competition that is needed to elevate ones performance and or increase fitness and lose weight.

Jay - Affiliation with PaddleFit and Riding Bumps as a coach.
Jay - Crossfit certification level 1
Anik - Crossfit level 1
Anik - Crossfit mobility trainer

Lake front Paddle Pro-shop / Coffee House / Paddle Sport Rental Concession. This business project started in 2010, and in the summer of 2011 we were granted the Lake Front location in Carnelian Bay. Since then, we have been able to accomplish our business vision and start building the paddling community that we had dreamed of for the past 5 years.

Unknown-1The Community: TAHOE WATERMAN.
Tahoe Waterman is the community that we have created over the years starting with Jay embracing every aspect of paddling on Lake Tahoe, paddling all paddle crafts year-round. The turtle symbol was inspired by it's meaning for longevity, endurance, persistence and the continuation of life sometime against incredible odds. We have created a non-profit organization called Lake Tahoe Waterman Association; An educational and Tahoe Natural Preservation non-profit. Funds raised from this organization are going to paddle athletes following their dreams and the maintenance of our base camp location at Watermans Landing, 2 acres of land restoration to preserve the clear water of Lake Tahoe.

TEAM Tahoe Waterman: A year around paddle club where a group of local athletes (ages ranges from 8 to 80 years old) train under our supervision to build a strong paddling foundation and prepare for upcoming races. We train our members 3 days a week and training consists of stand up paddling, prone paddleboarding, outrigger canoe paddling and open water swimming as well as just general land based fitness.

Junior Tahoe Waterman Camp:
A Tahoe Waterman Camp focusing on developing future Tahoe Waterman athletes; the camp consists of open water swimming and paddling (SUP, Prone, OC1, OC2 and OC6) Summer of 2014, the two session were sold-out 50 kids per session. Our goal for 2015 is to increase the frequency of the camp to 3 sessions (June, July & August) at Watermans Landing and expand our format to South Lake Tahoe and other regions. We will be setting a maximum 40 participants per camp session. We provide a similar format of paddling instruction to schools in the Tahoe Region.

Tahoe Waterman Camp (coming 2015) An adult paddle training camp;
With the success of the Junior Tahoe Waterman Camp we have had interest shown from parents and other adults about an adult Tahoe Waterman Camp.

UnknownTahoe Waterman Challenge: The Tahoe Waterman Challenge is a 150 meter swim, 700 meter prone paddleboard and 900 meter SUP race. Six racers at a time and top 2 advance to the final. We also have a kids race where the kids will do the same disciplines but just at different distances.

Woman on Waters Camp (Lake Tahoe Spring 2015) A paddling and Ski Camp
Anik Created the Women on Waters project when she was reflecting on her retirement from Ski Racing. As she was doing the photo shoot for her retirement announcement, she notice that Skiing and Paddling had been the basic foundation of who she was as an athlete and as an individual. "Walking on waters" liquid or solid for most of her existence provided Anik the discipline, the confidence and the sense of adventure she needed to perform in life. "The Women on Water lifestyle provided me with self-discovery through sports. My goal is to give back while offering tools to perform to the highest of ones expectation throughout different paddling and skiing programs with the objective in mind to get her ladies as fit, as confident and as happy as a women can be. Anik is a K2 Alliance ski athlete and is working on a Women on Waters ski and SUP camp in Tahoe spring of 2015.

Weekly PaddleFit Workouts at Watermans Landing;
PaddleFit Pro is the number one paddle fitness coaching system in the US and Jay is an affiliate coach. What we offer is SUP yoga, Paddle Fit water workouts, Paddle Fit land workouts and a Paddle Fit complete workout. Our SUP yoga class is offered 3 days a week and the other Paddle Fit classes are held once a week all classes are held at Watermans Landing.

Training Camps and Clinics (locally in Tahoe and Abroad)

We have realized the importance of scheduling and consistency to help with our busy life. Maintaining a great relationship has helped Anik and I push through barriers and keep us grounded. Its not always easy working, training and living with your partner but we respect and love each other and can always make each other laugh and smile and that is what counts!


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