Staying Healthy on Tour.. Japan, Europe and the UK!

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I guess you could say that one of my favorite 'extra curricular' activities is a bit different than most. When I'm not working full-time, I'm touring the world as the lead vocalist in a heavy metal band called World Of Pain. Just this past month, I was lucky enough to bring NATURE'S BAKERY on tour with me to JAPAN, as an aid on my quest of staying both healthy and fit, while touring internationally.


Being that I am a vocalist in a heavy metal band with an aggressive vocal style, my health is my MAIN focus while out on the road. I have to do what it takes to keep my body/immune system in tip-top shape, because if my health goes down hill.. then my voice and performance is sure to follow. Every day on tour, I have to watch what I eat and what I drink. That means that I avoid sugars, things that are spicy, soft drinks, anything that could dehydrated me or irritate my throat, etc. One thing you'll quickly learn in foreign countries is that sometimes, you really have no idea what you're eating. Especially when it comes to catering at shows and trying to work with translators. That's where NATURE'S BAKERY comes into play. Being quite honest they are the cleanest and best tasting snack that I've come across. I've found that utilizing these tasty fig bars while on tour ensures that I will have a constant intake of nutrients, despite what I'm being fed out on the road. Nutrients without any nasty side effects, despite many of the OTHER 'healthy' snacks out there these days, I know I can put my trust in NB.


What can I say.. this past month has been a BLAST! And a HEALTHY one at that. My immune system stayed in check. I felt great. All of the performances went well, and I could easily do it again.. and again. I can't wait to further put these delicious fig bars to the test come October, when I'll be out on the road touring both Europe and the UK!  Thank you again all of the NB family for your support and kudos to all of my fellow NB ambassadors and athletes! I'll be sure to let you know how this next tour goes and maybe even drop in a few of my own 'secret' vocal/singing tips ;) Until then.. Eat healthy, Stay fit, Work hard, Make it happen.

Noah Friend
World Of Pain


Noah Friend

My name is Noah and I’m the lead vocalist for the San Diego based hardcore-metal band ‘World Of Pain.’ Since childhood, I have been both a musician and an athlete. From elementary school, all the way until college, I was both a drummer and a runner.

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