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522035_337728376417366_2649594901308374728_nDo you remember when you first learned to ride a bicycle? It's one of the most exciting achievements of childhood. Despite all of the benefits that cycling can have on one's health, the environment, etc. it is unfortunately a skill that is often placed on the back-burner as we grow up. That is, until recently. We are in the midst of the largest youth cycling explosion to ever hit the US. In fact, places like Northern California where cycling is now a high school sport are seeing higher participation on the bike team than in any other scholastic sport. How can you facilitate the growth of youth cycling in your community? Here are some tips:

Weekly Rides

Weekly rides are the foundation of any good youth cycling community. While there may be plenty of group rides in your town already, creating one specifically for junior riders is key. Kids want to ride with other kids, plain and simple. By creating a ride where they can do that, young riders will begin to make new friends and form a sense of camaraderie among one another that will spread to their peers. This is where growth begins and you start getting more kids on bikes.

The Right People

You may have a ton of great riders in your area, but speed doesn't always equal good leadership. When it comes to your network of coaches and ride leaders to help grow youth cycling, you want people who are responsible, fun, and relatable to kids. Young riders don't care whether or not you can win the local race series. They just want someone who can make them smile while they are grinding away up a big hill, and then give them some good pointers to keep them safe on the way back down.

Keep it Fun

This is the single most important thing when it comes to getting more kids on bikes. Remember, 99% of the kids in your community have no ambition to ever race the Tour de France. You are teaching them a fun, life-long form of recreation that will forever improve their health and our environment. This is so important to remember when planning a ride or event with kids who are new to the sport. Stay away from intervals and miles and miles of uphill. Rather, focus on keeping everyone safe, facilitating new friendships, and making sure everyone is having a good time.


Here in Reno, our youth cycling scene has really been taking off. You can check out some of the things that we've done to aid in it's growth here:

Why Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars? 

My journey to becoming plant based started many years ago.  After watching several documentaries with my pregnant wife I decided a radical change was needed in our diet.  We cut out all fast food, bought organic free-range meat and started eating a lot more fruit and vegetables.  We started cooking every meal at home and really became conscious of the ingredients in the food we bought.  We tried to live by Michael Pollan's quote, "eat whatever you want as long as you cook it yourself."

Fast forward about three years and...

FWT Season Finale

My goal in 2016 was to win the Freeride World Tour. When I walked away from the first contest in Andorra I felt I was headed in the right direction. I had changed my style a bit from "Go big or go home" to a more consistent and maybe smarter style.

Things changed in Chamonix and I struggled with my new tactic. I had a line that I had won with in the past and then I had the slightly more conservative line with a higher success rate. Unfortunately, I couldn't decide between the two lines and I ended up...

Cranworx World Tour

I knew it would be a tall order, but putting myself in these positions is nothing new. I had been grinding away for six weeks to get my recently repaired shoulder back to fighting shape. Bicep, tendon and labrum had been demolished, so the surgery was well warranted. However, the timeline was stressful. Since the adoption of a big Slopestyle event in the Southern Hemisphere, our "off-season" became pretty non existent. What was a slower time reserved for getting caught up with family and the occasional photo shoot, was replaced with a March event and having to stay on...

My Favorite Playground – KALYMNOS 

Photo of Rannveig Aamodt. By: Nathan Welton. ( /

Coming to Kalymnos as a rock climber is like discovering Nirvana. It's a little island off the coast of mainland Greece and it might have the highest concentration of sport climbing routes anywhere in the world. The style of the rock climbing is varied but often very steep and three-dimensional. Many times I've found myself in an ocean of stalactites sticking out from the rock walls wondering which way to face my body. The broad...

The New Happy Hour: Social Fitness

I heard a term recently that I think is brilliant. It is “social fitness”. You may already be participating it from time to time without even knowing it.

Social fitness is getting together with a friend (or friends) to engage in some form of physical activity together. You are getting social and active at the same time! Perhaps you try a new yoga class, go for a walk in the park, or even coordinate a group game of sand volleyball. In a sense, it is the new happy hour.


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