Nature's Bakery

Road Trip

Every year I set new goals for myself, typically relating to athletics. The first year after my accident I was able to hike well over 450 miles. The second year I ran over 500 miles. This year I have upped the goals.

Goal #1. Land a backside double cork 1080, a trick I always wanted to do before my accident. (it's at the end of this video)

Goal #2. Bike over 1,000 miles this summer.

I accomplished my first goal on May 1st at a private shoot at Northstar, California. I couldn't have been more excited! Two days later, my brother, his girlfriend and a great friend of ours from the East Coast, took off on a road trip to explore Utah and get some backpacking in. This probably wasn't the smartest idea I ever had considering I fully sprained and tore my ankle trying to learn that trick up at Northstar.

Here is how our 10-day trip went in order.

1. Vegas

2. Zion Park

3. Hiking The Narrows

4. Hiking The Narrows Day 2

5. RedBull Rampage Bike Course

6 & 7. Bryce Canyon; exploring all of the hoodoo's

8 & 9. Escalante; where we did some slot canyoning as you can see in the 4th picture, it was a very tight squeeze.

10. Almost made it to the Grand Canyon but there was some road construction that held us back unfortunately. We were however able to see a place I have always wanted to go, Horse Shoe Bend!

50 mile of hiking on my sprained ankle, time to go and rehab this thing now =)

I love Nature's Bakery for several reasons. Most importantly, they are delicious. They are easy to take and share on trips like these, and they pack a big punch that keeps me charged! Here are a couple cool photos of me enjoying these great snacks in Zion, UT.

Be well | Eat well,

-Danny Toumarkine