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Rock Climbing in Norway

A small country with beautiful mountains and a population less than the city of Detroit.

I grew up among the wild mountains of Romsdal, which is famous for its steep terrain, deep valleys, and spectacular beauty. Romsdal is home to Europe’s tallest vertical rock face – the Troll Wall, at over 3,300 feet high. The area is known as being one of Norway’s best trad climbing destinations, but it’s great for all types of rock climbing, bouldering, mountaineering, ski touring and ice climbing.

What to know before going to Norway
It's super expensive unless you eat healthy (fish and potatoes are cheap). It's beautiful, gorgeous and clean. And thanks to an old way of life, you can camp anywhere. You can do anything in the National Parks -- you can bring dogs, ride bikes, run, camp, etc. The airplane company:, often have really cheap tickets from the Unite States to Oslo.  Also, inland flights are inexpensive. And don't worry about having to learn Norwegian, because everyone speaks English.

Good areas to rock climb beside Flatanger
For rock climbing, Flatanger has the hardest routes and is well known internationally. But it is by no means the largest climbing area in Norway.

In the same area as Flatanger is the famous Vingsand bouldering area in the isolated outcrops at the sea, with steep granite classics from 7C to 8B+.

The Lofoten archipelago is well known as a tourist and climbing destination, with beautiful islands and dramatic peaks. All over the islands are tall peaks with excellent, long multipitch routes, and there's fun bouldering spread all around.
Romsdal, close to my hometown Molde, has everything a climber could want. Europe’s largest big wall, Trollveggen, sports 1000-meter vertical trad lines from 6b+ to 7c. Nearby are nice alpine peaks and ridges, walls of all sizes and cragging and bouldering for a lifetime.

The second largest city, Bergen, has over 1000 routes of high-class sport climbing up to 8b+.

Stavanger is one of the best and most complete climbing areas in Norway. Dale and Bergsagel offer high class granite sport and trad lines close to the city. You'll find 900 meter routes from 6b+ to 8a+ that rise straight out of the fjords in Lysefjorden. The base jumpers come from above, and provide the boat-traffic needed to get there.

The largest city, Oslo, is also one of the best climbing capitals in the world, with over 1200 routes at 40 crags nearby. It offers a ton of different rocks and several bouldering areas in the forests close to the centre. As an added bonus, the weather is better than many of the other regions.

In the winter, the sun only shines a few hours a day. The temperatures can drop to well below zero and the waterfalls freezen into 2000-foot columns of ice, turning the place into a playground for ice climbers. If that's your gig, check out Rjukan!

Have fun!






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For as long as I can remember, the first snowfall of the season has symbolized the end of the cycling season here. For some, the bikes go indoors on stationary trainers, but for most they go into storage. Waiting until spring arrives, skis and snowboards take precedence throughout the winter months. However, with the creation and exploding popularity of a new type of bike, this ritual is changing. Rather than putting the bike away, people are beginning to take them out once the snow falls. The bike I’m referring to...

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It was a great day and a tremendous showing for the Sierra Endurance Sports team out in Ogden, Utah for the inaugural Xterra Pan-American Championship event on Sept. 17th.  The Reno, Nev.-based team was represented in both the women’s and men’s elite fields, with team members Suzie Snyder and Kara LaPoint competing in the women’s race, and fellow pro Xterra racer JP Donovan in the men’s race.

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There is a time in every child's life where he wakes up early in the morning, dreading to get ready for school, and just hopes that his parents will tell him, "lets ditch school today".  Well, it was one of the those days.

We dusted our dirt bikes off, changed the tires, got geared up, and packed ourselves some water and a handful of Natures Bakery's Fig Bars. We drove to our destination in the middle of the Sierra National Forrest, hopped on the bikes and started our adventure.

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