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Winter Has Offically Begun…

It's January 17th and I returned a few days ago from my first stop on the Freeride World Tour up in Revelstoke, Canada. 40 hours round trip of driving, a handful of powder days, a weeks worth of pre contest jitters and 2:00 minutes on the comp venue sums up the past two weeks.

Starting gate in Revelstoke

Starting gate in Revelstoke

I returned home and went straight to the Village Ski Loft to swap my boots for a smaller size. I was swimming in my boots up in Revelstoke and with only 8 days back in Tahoe before I go on the road again I needed to get this problem fixed right away. One day on the boots and I discover some more work is needed to be done to them. Finally I receive a pair of bindings that I have been waiting on for a while now. It's time to head back to the shop, fix the boots, mount some skis, tune some skis and cut some poles. I left one pole on the hill the week before after crashing in my comp run.

New boots!

New boots!

I received an email from a friend asking for help with an Avalanche Clinic she is holding the weekend I'm back home. Public speaking probably scares me more than jumping off a 70ft cliff. Well not probably, it does. I'm working on it though and it's good to give back to the community when ever you can. So in between sorting gear I'll be working on my little presentation for the Steep and Deep Avalanche clinic this weekend.

Steep and Deep 2013 Poster

The departure date for my next trip is coming up sooner than I even realize. I've got to get regular life chores in order as well as all skiing related issues. Soon I'll be off to Chamonix, France for the second stop of the Freeride World Tour followed by ISPO the European ski trade show then filming in Austria, I think. My ticket says I come back home on February 18th but that can always change! It's a lot to tackle sometimes, but I love it and there isn't anything else I'd rather do. Winter is here and I welcome it!

What I’m Listening To

Music is a huge part of my life. How could it not be? I live in “Music City”, right?! I really think that music provides a soundtrack to our lives. As powerful as sights and smells, hearing a song can ignite a memory from long ago or can give you a mental boost when you’re dragging along. The power of music is undeniable.

Music is also a huge part of my training. 95% of the time, I train on my own, and trust me, the mind can really wonder to some strange places when you’re doing 20-30 hour training weeks!...

December Kindness Report – A Little Belated

Ah, December. Good ol’ December. Kindness abounds in this month more visibly than any other, so there’s plenty to write about. But what got to me was the group I was invited to join: 26 Acts Of Kindness. It is a sweet phenomenon that was born out of tremendous tragedy. All over the country, groups, families and individuals are working to achieve 26 random acts of kindness (RAKs) to honor the 26 victims of the recent Newtown shooting. There’s even a 26 Acts Of Kindness Facebook page, started in December, that has over 93,000 likes (as of January 1)....

Trying To Achieve Balance

One of the most important concepts in my life right now is the concept of balance. Without the ability to balance all my life’s priorities on a daily basis I would not be where I am in my life right now—a successful professional triathlete, proud mother of two, and happily married spouse.  When I decided to turn pro, I realized that it is a full time lifestyle commitment to be successful. Already having two kids, I knew this would be very hard to accomplish. I want to be a stay at home mom and spend as much time as...

Hole-y Pride Batman!

Who knew that discovering a hole in someone else’s ceiling could instill a sense of pride? But it did. The reason: my on-again, off-again relationship with the gym was recently rekindled, and it was the gym’s ceiling. That’s right, I was doing sit-ups, which made it remarkably easy to notice the rather gaping hole. Did I mention that I was doing sit-ups?

The view from down here

The impetus for my triumphant return was anger (which I’m not really proud of). I was pissed off that my clothes were...

I’m Armed With Cold Turkey And About To Get Down To Some Serious Route Planning

Apparently I’ve been a good girl this year. That, or all the letters I wrote to Mr Claus aged 5 to 8 racked me up enough brownie points to see me through (it’s quite possible, I wrote a lot). And what do good girls get for Christmas? Maps, of course. Glorious waterproof papered, contour-informing, bike shop-sign-posting, campsite-navigating, Adventure Cycling Association maps.

Christmas presents from my very supportive family. Branded T-shirts, badges and...

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