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Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

Late winter has become one of my favorite times of the year. The little glimpses of warmer weather act as a reminder that spring is just around the corner, and you can begin to feel some payoff from the big training loads. This time of year is also one of my favorites due to the emphasis on strength training in my, and many other endurance athletes’ routines.

While it may come as a surprise, myself and many other elite-level endurance athletes lift year-round. Done correctly, weight training can add strength, stability, and power to every pedal stroke. Despite a common misconception that weight training adds weight and “bulk” to the endurance athlete physique, lifting can actually be a tremendous tool in keeping weight down and staying lean throughout the year. Here’s how:

Power Development:

During pre-season, weight training takes a priority role in my routine. I focus on multi-movement, power lifts like squats, lunges, and deadlifts. During this time of the year, I’ll typically lift 3-5 days per week with lower rep frequency and higher weight. A typical day in the gym will be something like:

  • 20 minutes of light cardio warm-up
  • 5 sets of 5 reps:
    •             Squats
    •             Lunges
    •             Box steps
    •             Leg press
    •             Dead lifts
    •             Calf raises
  • 20 minutes of stretching


The goal during this part of the year is to build muscle and power. I’ll typically gain some mass in my legs, but lose weight overall due to the boost in metabolism that comes with weight training.


When race season starts, lifting frequency drops to 2-3 times per week. Reps increase and weight and sets decrease. The primary goal during this portion of the season is to maintain the strength and power that was obtained during pre-season. A typical in-season workout will consist of:

  • 30 minute warm-up
  • 3 sets of 12 reps:
    •             Lunges
    •             Box steps
    •             Leg press
    •             Dead lift
    •             Calf raises
  • 30 minutes stretching


Combined with your regular riding or running routine, these higher-rep exercises at moderate weight will help maintain muscle tone, power, and overall metabolism rate without adding any additional weight or "bulk" to your physique. Even more, it's just a great way to mix things up and keep motivation high throughout all 12 months of the year.

A Simple, 3-Step Plan for Teaching Kids to Have a Healthy Relationship With Food

As parents, we want the best -- and only the best -- for our children. Of course, we also want our children to be happy, and few things light up a kid’s face faster than a giant bag of Halloween candy, soda pop, and basically anything containing delicious, tooth-destroying sugars. And as our children grow up, it only gets harder to make sure they get the essential nutrition they need for proper growth and development.

Not only that, but as kids learn independence, every night can feel like you’re fighting the War...

A Rock Climber’s Worst Nightmare- Part One

Our lives are full of transformative moments, and April 26, 2012 was one of them. It was the day I took a groundfall that shattered my back, pelvis, arm and both ankles, and changed my life forever.

My husband Nathan and I awoke that morning in an idyllic bungalow in a pomegranate orchard in the mountains of Turkey. The rising sun slowly heated our tiny cabin, and I rolled over and asked him innocently how he thought I was going to die. He pushed me deeper into the covers -- "Of old age," he said. "Why are you...

A Cycling Everest Attempt

An “Everest Attempt” in the world of cycling is where an individual tries to climb the elevation equal to Mt. Everest in one ride. That’s about 29,000 ft or 8,800 m of elevation gain in one ride, so its usually a pretty big day in the saddle. I started the attempt with very little prep and a past knee injury that would come to bite me early into the ride.

I did however have sufficient fueling from Nature's Bakery with their amazing fig bars. See the thing with climbing is weight is very important, and with a 16 hour ride...

Mountain Biking Across Portugal

When I started mountain biking about 12 years ago, it was the adventure that came with each ride that hooked me. Every time I'd pedal deep into the Sierra Nevada mountains, there was always something different waiting. Weather, terrain, wildlife, equipment - every ride comes with unexpected situations that must be dealt with on the fly. For 2016, my season ended with a race across Portugal that epitomized everything I love about mountain biking. What I thought would be a typical bike race, turned out to be one of the craziest...

Winter Riding – Tahoe to LA

Usually this time of year is about long, cold, wet rides over icy and sand-covered roads. Winter training is a necessary evil in the world of cycling, with races starting as early as February. However, for the first time in my career, I'm not cleaning road salt out of my teeth after every ride in January. Instead, I'm still putting sunblock on each morning and bundling up with nothing more than a windbreaker before heading out the door. I was hesitant to leave my home and epic training grounds of Reno-Tahoe a few months ago in exchange for my new residence...

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