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New to Running and Feeling Frustrated?

Can't seem to run far, can't get faster, can't breath, new injury?

That is the thing with running, you love it but it can be frustrating. Are trying to add mileage and feeling like you can't go any further? Try adding just five minutes. A lot of times it is a mental block, your mind/thoughts are keeping you from running further. Keep your thoughts positive, you can do this, you can add just five minutes each week to your long run. Mind over matter. It doesn't matter if those last five minutes are very slow jogging or walking, just get them in.

Want to get faster but don't know how it is even possible? Speed training is the only way to improve your speed. It can be as simple as adding in a few speed intervals to your normal training run. Try and run as fast as you can for about 20 to 30 seconds and then slow down again and recover for about 1-2 minutes, then speed up again. Repeat this for 3-6 times. Remember to always warm up for about 10 minutes with a slow run or walk then add in your speed work. There are a lot of different speed drills you can incorporate.

You love the run but you can never catch your breath! It is as simple as.....slow down. You may be trying to go way too fast. Try and begin with a warmup walk, slowly increase the speed of your walk until you are doing a slow jog. If you can breath comfortably and still maintain a conversation then this is your comfortable pace, if you can't talk, then you need to slow down. Over time you will be able to run a little faster and still be able to breath.
Have you been running for quite some time and all of a sudden you have a new pain, a pain that wasn't there before? As far as you know, nothing has changed: still doing the same run each week, the same route, the same distance. Chances are it is your shoes. We often forget about the wear and tear on our shoes over time. They still look pretty new, the tread is still visible, so clearly they aren't worn out, but they have lost all their cushioning and support on the inside. Replace your shoes about every 300 miles. If you are running on old, worn out shoes, you may begin to have new aches and pains you never had before.