Nature's Bakery

Why Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars? 

My journey to becoming plant based started many years ago.  After watching several documentaries with my pregnant wife I decided a radical change was needed in our diet.  We cut out all fast food, bought organic free-range meat and started eating a lot more fruit and vegetables.  We started cooking every meal at home and really became conscious of the ingredients in the food we bought.  We tried to live by Michael Pollan's quote, "eat whatever you want as long as you cook it yourself."

Fast forward about three years and we took another jump into our diet, going vegan.  We just wanted to live as healthy and happy as we could and we felt that cutting out all animal products would be the solution.  Once you get the hang of cutting out all animal products it’s a pretty simple lifestyle to live.  However, the hardest part is food for on the go, especially being a cyclist. There are many times where I am on a long bike ride and need something to give me energy and Nature's Bakery Fig Bars are the perfect thing.  The ingredient list is short, simple, and you know what it is in it. Making energy bars at home is time consuming and Nature's Bakery allows us to have a quick snack without having to spend a lot more extra time in the kitchen.

Another plus is that my five year old son loves them.  As a growing boy he is always hungry.  And so we are always cooking or making him a plate of fruit to snack on.  It’s nice to have a quick snack that he loves, and that is perfect for school.  Nature's Bakery Fig Bars are an inexpensive way and a simple way to enjoy a quick Vegan snack.