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Tour of the Canadian Rockies

For most of us down here in America, we never think that the Rocky Mountains extend beyond Colorado. While the peaks and scenery throughout CO are spectacular, this is just one small glimpse into the wonder that is the Rockies. This spectacular range extends up through Wyoming, Montana, and it's epicness culminates in British Columbia, where the famous range spans the rest of the way up the continent. Every July, a world-famous mountain bike race tours the northernmost portion of the Rocky Mountains throughout BC. The event is called Transrockies or Singletrack 6. This 6-day stage race has become a staple on my racing calendar, as the challenge and incredible adventure is unlike any other mountain bike event in the world. Here is my 2016 experience, as told through photos:

Stages 1 and 2 kicked off in Fernie, BC, a small ski town in the southeastern part of the province. I would definitely bet that this incredible little city has more miles of beautiful, groomed, BC singletrack than it has people.


After nearly 12,000 vertical ft of climbing and 70km later, I was sitting 10th out of over 300 after the first two days of racing - a bit off of the pace I was aiming for.


Stage 3 brought us deeper into the Rockies, for a fast and flow-y day in Cranbrook, BC.


This hot day in the mountains concluded with my best finish ever in a stage at Transrockies, with a 6th.


Stage 4 in the small ski town of Kimberly was the most technical of the race, with roots and rocks covering every inch of the 40km of the days course. I had another solid day, finishing 6th again.


You know you're far north when the northern lights illuminate the sky like this. Stages 5 and 6 would take place yet another 2 hours of driving up the continent in Golden, BC.


Stage 5 was met with tired legs, but the more wide-open, dry terrain suited my riding and I finally cracked the top 5, finishing 5th.


The final stage was a 60km monster, taking us deep into the mountains, and back into the dense forest.


Concluding the final day with another 6th, I ended up 7th in the General Classification, my best result yet at this legendary event.



I leave Canada now tired, happy, and so grateful for another Great Journey, fueled by Nature's Bakery. This race is the hardest and the most exciting of my season, and I can't wait for 2017.

Yosemite Adventures

My family and I live about 45 minutes outside the entrance to Yosemite National Park so you can be sure that there are some awesome hikes not too far from our house.  In the summertime it can get up 105 degrees so when one of those days rolled around we decided it was time to head up.  We packed up my backpack with the essentials, water, an orange and some bananas, a pocket knife, and Natures Bakery bars.  


It’s a pretty funny story actually, I was watching ”The Line,” a local Reno/Tahoe TV show, when a commercial for Arcade Belts caught my eye. The commercial resinated with me because there were some girls trying to snowboard down a sand hill. Anyone (and not really anyone else) who has ever ridden a mountain bike down a steep sand hill understands the rare opportunity of such a steep gravel/sand face. It is like powder skiing or snowboarding, but better. The commercial looked geographically close to home, so I decided to take...

The Roads Less Traveled by…

If you look at a map of almost any patch of countryside in Europe, you’ll see its riddled with roads. For cyclists, the options from afar seem to be endless, with infinite permutations of loops and wandering you can do on your bike. Sometimes, when surveying the American West, it can seem like the options are far smaller. Infrastructure for cars and trucks is heavily invested in, lesser-traveled country roads often remain unpaved.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have the same web of roads. We do, and they’re out...

Hi from the Mountains!

-Shelf Lake & Solitude Lake Traverse Scramble Trip Report – Arrowhead, McHenrys Peak, Powell Peak, Thatchtop

I’m back home in the Rocky Mountain and I’m looking into the continental divide, and it reminded me of on of my favorite days in the mountains. This is  a trip report for the Shelf Lake/Solitude Lake Cirque Traverse, an incredible 3rd and 4th class scramble that has got to be one of the coolest things I’ve done in the mountains in a long time. It includes four awesome summits, a lot of time spent above 13,000 feet, two of the most gorgeous, nontechnical...

Mental Checklist During Runs

Forward lean. Photo by: Altra Running

Running is one of the most highly participated sports in the world, but very little time is spent on our running form.  In almost all other sports we spend hours perfecting the details of our golf swing, swim stroke, free throw, etc.  We might run many hours every week, but how often do we practice running properly?

There is no perfect running form, each person is different and their biomechanics will cause them to move in unique ways, but there is good form and...

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