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The Donner Party

tyPounding out the hours of Endurocross laps and motos during the week always tends to gets tedious toward the end of the season so it is always nice to mix things up. As a racer I am always on the lookout for fun one off races to do to fill up my schedule and keep at it racing. I caught wind of an event being put on at the Donner Ski Ranch in northern California and had to go give it a shot. I started checking the weather reports about a week before the event and things weren’t looking too promising. Nothing but rain and snow were in the forecast but I wasn’t going to let that stop me! I got up to the event Sunday morning, after it had been raining three days straight up to the race day. I was in for a mud race that was for sure! I grabbed a hand full of fig bars and set off to walk some of the track and to see what I was getting myself into. The rain had made for some insanely hard conditions and I knew the competition was going to be tough. The race was set to be two hours long; racing through the toughest conditions the Sierra Nevada Mountains have to offer, knowing this I gave my pit crew some fig bars to snack on and some for me to have when I would come in to pit for fuel and whatever else may be needed. As I sat on the starting line waiting to take off, it began to snow. At that point I knew it was going to be a long two hours! I got a decent start, probably running right around 5th, but made quick work getting myself to the front. I was in second right behind the leader when I noticed I had clipped a rock and broke off my rear brake. No rear brake, awesome I thought to myself. How was I supposed to finish this race with no rear brake! I made the pass into the lead and decided I didn’t need brakes, this was a crazy choice and probably a little risky on my part but I figured using the front brake and technique I could make it work. Sure enough I did. As the laps went on my lead grew larger and larger. I came into the pits right around half way where I would get fuel, fresh goggles, and a quick fig bar for some energy to hang in there for the last hour. The subzero conditions made the racing extremely tough and truly miserable. I couldn’t feel my toes and fingers at all, there was over an inch of snow on the ground, and I thought the promoters would call the race for sure. Well, they didn’t, and we raced the whole two hours. The laps grew longer and longer but I set my sights on what I wanted to do, win. There was no better feeling coming into the finish line to see the checkered flag and to know I had won the Donner Hare Scramble, by minutes, and with no rear brake. Although the race was one of the most demanding races I’ve done, and without a doubt the coldest, I had a great time and will definitely be back to do it again next year!

Fat Biking Through Winter

For as long as I can remember, the first snowfall of the season has symbolized the end of the cycling season here. For some, the bikes go indoors on stationary trainers, but for most they go into storage. Waiting until spring arrives, skis and snowboards take precedence throughout the winter months. However, with the creation and exploding popularity of a new type of bike, this ritual is changing. Rather than putting the bike away, people are beginning to take them out once the snow falls. The bike I’m referring to...

Xterra Pan-American Championship

It was a great day and a tremendous showing for the Sierra Endurance Sports team out in Ogden, Utah for the inaugural Xterra Pan-American Championship event on Sept. 17th.  The Reno, Nev.-based team was represented in both the women’s and men’s elite fields, with team members Suzie Snyder and Kara LaPoint competing in the women’s race, and fellow pro Xterra racer JP Donovan in the men’s race.

For Suzie, it was a golden performance to cap off an incredible season of victories across the Pan-American Pro Series tour. Suzie...

Fig Bars and Motorcycles

There is a time in every child's life where he wakes up early in the morning, dreading to get ready for school, and just hopes that his parents will tell him, "lets ditch school today".  Well, it was one of the those days.

We dusted our dirt bikes off, changed the tires, got geared up, and packed ourselves some water and a handful of Natures Bakery's Fig Bars. We drove to our destination in the middle of the Sierra National Forrest, hopped on the bikes and started our adventure.

Mental Toughness

Listening to a Aubrey Marcus podcast, I just heard the story of a soldier who was a prisoner of war. This individual used his mental toughness to stay sane by playing a round of his favorite golf course, every day, in his head, for seven years. It not only gave him hope, it gave him an escape, and exercised his mind. The benefits of mindfulness and meditation are vastly becoming mainstream and acceptable among all demographics. It isn’t easy to adhere to a proper schedule of meditating, but I am a huge fan of it and will continue to...

5,153 Miles

Five thousand, one hundred and fifty-three miles. The distance traveled in my van within the last four weeks.

Nature's Bakery Ambassador, Ty Tremaine here, clocking in from home after returning from the beginning of my adventure on the road chasing this year’s AMA Endurocross series. My journey began by heading westward on I-80, the road I’ve become far too familiar with. If it wasn’t for a good playlist of music, and a pile of fig bars, I don’t think I would’ve made it past Salt Lake City! As the hours of driving...

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