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Figtastic Bike Giveaway

Unknown-2As we reach the end of National Bike Month, we thought it would only be fitting to giveaway a super nice beach cruiser to a lucky Nature’s Bakery fan to go out live life’s great journeys!

Share and upload a photo that shows how you live life’s great journeys. Whether riding 100 miles or taking your family to the park everyone’s journey is different and we would love for you to share it.

The fire engine red Electra bike cruiser comes complete with a basket filled to the max with Fig Bars and a great price tag of Free.

We know that each of our amazing and figtastic fans enjoy life differently and we wanted to a giveaway a bike that fits any lifestyle no matter the skill or extreme level you live. It is all about going out, enjoying what nature has to offer and living a healthy, active lifestyle.

To enter to win, it is all very simple, follow this link:

The giveaway will run through Facebook and is open to all new and existing Facebook fans.  Winner will be selected on Monday May 26.

Good luck!

My many adventures as a world touring musician

Since my last update, I’ve had the pleasure of not only touring Japan, but also Europe, the UK and various cities across the United States. And best of all, despite the rough/rugged adventures of being a touring musician, my health has continued to stay in tip-top shape! As I’ve said before, when being the lead singer in a touring heavy metal band, staying healthy is a MAJOR key to being successful. Running and jumping around on stage every night while singing at the top of my lungs is NOT an easy feat, thus being at the top of my...

Adrienne’s Race Report: 2014 Reaper Madness @ Bootleg Canyon.


Warm temperatures, desert gusts and rugged terrain greeted us for the Enduro, DH and DS racers in Boulder City, Nevada.



Kevin Aiello took the pro class win followed by Mike Day, Michael Daniels, Parker Robinson and Graeme Pitts.  I narrowly earned the top spot on the women’s podium with Amanda Cordell, Joy Brinkerhoff and Christine Dern behind me.  Check out the website for more results:



Thanks to Downhill Mike for keeping the...

My crazy fun trip to Europe =)

Shot of me in St. Anton just messing around, having some fun "off piste."

I recently got the privilege to go on a snowboarding trip to Europe. How lucky am I? =) The crew was my brother Conor, his girlfriend Tamamra, my trainer and great friend Chris and his girlfriend Coral. Feeling on cloud 9 the second we took off, the first stop was Geneva where we packed up the rental car and headed to St....

The Best of The West

Well hello there NB lovers, it's been a while since I've filled you in on the 50 state crusade by bike. Where on Earth have the past three months gone? I ask you? Three months since I first packed Boudica, my beloved pink bike, into a cardboard box and flew her across the pond to state number one - Alaska.

I've now wheeled my way 5,500 miles through 17 states. And so, before I cross that West-East boundary of this marvellous country, I thought it high time to share some highlights, and let you all know where pedal power alone...

Staying Healthy on Tour.. Japan, Europe and the UK!

I guess you could say that one of my favorite 'extra curricular' activities is a bit different than most. When I'm not working full-time, I'm touring the world as the lead vocalist in a heavy metal band called World Of Pain. Just this past month, I was lucky enough to bring NATURE'S BAKERY on tour with me to JAPAN, as an aid on my quest of staying both healthy and fit, while touring internationally.

Being that I am a vocalist in a heavy metal band with an aggressive vocal style, my...

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