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It's late December and winter has hit the Tahoe area in full force. Soon I'll be hitting the road again to start the my travel's on the Freeride World Tour! I'm very excited to have been able to connect with the Nature's Bakery community before my travels have begun for the 2012/13 winter season.

Jackie Paaso

I'm Jackie Paaso, a professional freeskier and one of the newest member's of the Nature's Bakery team. I consider home North Lake Tahoe, CA although my travels take me all over the globe for the majority of the year. I love exploring the outdoors and my favorite mode or transportation to do so is my skis. I compete, I film, I coach and I help spread the importance of traveling safely in the mountains.

Touring in Sweden

When asked what it is that I do I start with, "I'm a professional skier." Simple answer but it doesn't exactly cover the type of skiing I really love to do. I'm not a racer or a park skier, I consider myself a big mountain skier. I spent my childhood competing in mogul skiing and I think something was always missing. I was outdoors enjoying the snow but it was the same run over and over again. Left, right, left, right, jump .... left, right, left, right, you get the idea. When I moved out to Tahoe about eight years ago I instantly fell in love with the Sierra's! It wasn't the groomed trails, race courses or parks that caught my attention it was the ungroomed slopes, powder skiing and finding myself at the top of a mountain that didn't always have a lift taking you to the top. I love exploring the backcountry but I also love challenging myself and in big mountains I find all the challenges I need. Navigating sluff, jumping cliffs, hiking to the top, accessing snow conditions you name it.

I Am Pro Snow

I'm a Pro Snow Ambassador as well as a fundraiser for charities like the High Five's Foundation

S.A.F.E. A.S. Women's snow safety clinic

I'm very excited to be the newest member of the Nature's Bakery team and to have to the opportunity to represent a great product with great people behind it! You can check back here in the future to follow my travels and updates from now on! Happy Holiday's and enjoy the outdoors responsibly!

Jaclyn Paaso

After many years as a competitive mogul skier, with one title as Jr. World Combined Champion, Jaclyn decided to take a break from mogul skiing. Jaclyn moved out to Lake Tahoe, California where she became a freestyle coach for the Alpine Meadows Freestyle Team and then the Squaw Valley ski team.

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