Laughing As Medicine

Posted on in Health + Lifestyle by Brianna Kennedy

Laughter As Medicine!Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? How did you feel afterward? More than likely you felt positive. It is almost impossible to feel negative after a good, hearty laugh.

This may be old news for you or perhaps it is something you haven’t thought of before, but laughter can be medicine for the soul.

Last year, researchers at Loma Linda University Health (LLUH) even did a study that concluded 20 minutes of laughter in aging adults can help improve memory. The connection here is stress reduction. Laughter reduces stress, which is then shown to improve memory and brain function.

Besides the positive health that laughter can provide, can’t we all agree that when we are laughing we are having a good time? We could all use more laughter in our lives for that reason alone. With depression, anxiety, and other mental illness on the rise it is time to invite positive activities into our lives and laughing is such a simple way to do so.

What makes you laugh the most? If you don’t know the answer to that for yourself, here are a few things to try:

  • Watch funny videos on YouTube. If you need a place to start, look up your favorite late night host. I have seen plenty of funny videos from Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon. You can also use a key word and just watch the videos you stumble upon.
  • Rent a comedy movie or watch a comedy TV show. Most everyone has a favorite funny actor/actress or two. Watch that actor or actress work his/her magic and make you laugh!
  • Invite your hysterical friend over. Know anyone that can easily make you laugh? Invite them over. Let them make you laugh for awhile.
  • Listen to a comedian’s podcast. There are so many comedians making podcasts these days. You are sure to find one that is in line with your sense of humor.
  • Play with a pet or child. Pets and children do the funniest things at times! Just being around them during play time might make you laugh a bit.

Use laughter as medicine for your soul. Find ways to laugh daily!

Brianna Kennedy

Brianna Peterson, MS, RD, LD Bri is a Registered Dietitian and a Wellness Coordinator for a Dallas-based company. She also hosts a wellness blog, Simple Delights, where she strives to provide simple and effective wellness tips and inspiration. Bri is a true believer that being healthy should not be full of complicated to do's and should actually add delight to your life!

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