Nature's Bakery

Yosemite Adventures

My family and I live about 45 minutes outside the entrance to Yosemite National Park so you can be sure that there are some awesome hikes not too far from our house.  In the summertime it can get up 105 degrees so when one of those days rolled around we decided it was time to head up.  We packed up my backpack with the essentials, water, an orange and some bananas, a pocket knife, and Natures Bakery bars.  

The Lewis Creek Trail is right above the city of Oakhurst and is the perfect hike for a family wanting to spend a couple of hours in nature.  The trailhead starts you off with a warning to be on the lookout for mountain lions, and before you even have time to say "yikes" you are maneuvering your way around logs to cross the creek. The hike then leads you along the creek in the shade of the trees and crosses you over about 3 really cool bridges.  The hike is easy enough to sing "the ants go marching" which no hike should be without.  About 1.7 miles down you will come across some potholes above a waterfall which is the perfect spot for pictures, rest, and food.  Then follow the path and you are standing underneath the waterfall.  You forget all about the steps you just took when your foot are in the water of melted snow.

The reason Nature Bakery bars is perfect for a hike is that they fit great in a backpack, they are easy to eat, my son thinks they are a treat, and they give you just the right amount of energy to turn around and do it all again. So grab your backpack, throw in some bars and get out there and explore.