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Baking it Up a Notch in the Fight to End Hunger

Did you hear the new? It’s true! We’re baking it up a notch in the fight to end hunger with a new partnership with Feeding America. Here at the bakery, one of our core values is being thoughtful in everything we do and being a food brand, we thought this was a great fit to help build awareness of food insecurity in the America, serve communities and donate to those in need.

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Feeding America is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization that provides more than 4 billion meals in the United States every year through its nationwide network of 200 member food banks and 60,000 food pantries/meal programs. Also, 98% of donations raised through the organization go directly into programs serving people in need and right now they are virtually serving every community in the United States. Pretty cool, huh?!

So, we bet you’re thinking, “Why now”? Well our founder, Dave Marson said it best, “In a country as blessed as the United States of America, no one should have to go to sleep hungry at night. We have a responsibility to do our part to achieve that goal. Giving back and serving communities is in our DNA and now that we’ve had some success with our brand, we have an opportunity to help pay it forward by servicing communities across the country.”

We’re ready to do our part to help make the world a better place and hope you are too.

Click here to find out how you can team up with Feeding America and pledge your fight to help end hunger:

-Nature’s Bakery


A Simple, 3-Step Plan for Teaching Kids to Have a Healthy Relationship With Food

As parents, we want the best -- and only the best -- for our children. Of course, we also want our children to be happy, and few things light up a kid’s face faster than a giant bag of Halloween candy, soda pop, and basically anything containing delicious, tooth-destroying sugars. And as our children grow up, it only gets harder to make sure they get the essential nutrition they need for proper growth and development.

Not only that, but as kids learn independence, every night can feel like you’re fighting the War...

Fat Biking Through Winter

For as long as I can remember, the first snowfall of the season has symbolized the end of the cycling season here. For some, the bikes go indoors on stationary trainers, but for most they go into storage. Waiting until spring arrives, skis and snowboards take precedence throughout the winter months. However, with the creation and exploding popularity of a new type of bike, this ritual is changing. Rather than putting the bike away, people are beginning to take them out once the snow falls. The bike I’m referring to...

Xterra Pan-American Championship

It was a great day and a tremendous showing for the Sierra Endurance Sports team out in Ogden, Utah for the inaugural Xterra Pan-American Championship event on Sept. 17th.  The Reno, Nev.-based team was represented in both the women’s and men’s elite fields, with team members Suzie Snyder and Kara LaPoint competing in the women’s race, and fellow pro Xterra racer JP Donovan in the men’s race.

For Suzie, it was a golden performance to cap off an incredible season of victories across the Pan-American Pro Series tour. Suzie...

Pumpkin Protein Overnight Oats

It's officially fall and that means pumpkin spice flavored EVERYTHING! I am a huge fan of all things pumpkin and using pumpkin puree packs on some extra beta-carotene health benefits.

Pumpkin Protein Overnight Oats


- 1/2 cup oatmeal

- 2 tbsp chia seeds

- 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

- 1 scoop protein powder of choice

- 2 tbsp pumpkin puree

- 1-2 tbsp maple syrup

- 1 cup milk of choice

*Toppings*: Nature's Bakery Double Chocolate Brownies, Pumpkin Seeds

Directions: Add all ingredients in a Mason jar, seal jar and shake (shake it like a Polaroid picture haha)....

Fig Bars and Motorcycles

There is a time in every child's life where he wakes up early in the morning, dreading to get ready for school, and just hopes that his parents will tell him, "lets ditch school today".  Well, it was one of the those days.

We dusted our dirt bikes off, changed the tires, got geared up, and packed ourselves some water and a handful of Natures Bakery's Fig Bars. We drove to our destination in the middle of the Sierra National Forrest, hopped on the bikes and started our adventure.

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