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photo1We thought it would be fun to do a post about our favorite Nature's Bakery Fig Bars "Taking a vacation" with us so you could get the inside scoop on what it's like for a pro golfer on the PGA Tour Canada.

First up, we loaded all of our favorite snacks in the backpack and headed up to Canada!

We were all a little nervous about this TINY airplane on the last leg of the trip, but we prayed the entire 50 minutes and God helped us feel peace and comfort through the turbulence and loud noises of a small airplane.  photo2

photo4We arrived on the weekend when Jared was finishing up the Great Waterway Classic in Kingston. I got to caddy the final round. Fig Bars fueled the final round FIVE UNDER! Jared finished T19 that weekend.  Jared has a tradition of wearing Red, White, and Blue on Sundays, and it was a fun Sunday for sure!

photo5After the round, we headed on what was supposed to be an easy hour and a half drive to Toronto to pick up a rental car, and then drive another 2 hours to our new host house for the week, but it ended up turning into a super long drive due to crazy Toronto traffic and the GPS messing up. But, God protected us and we made it to our host house around 11:30pm.

We were SO blessed with an incredible host house to stay in for the week. It was Jared's DREAM home. It was right on a lake and he got to fish in his downtime. We are so incredibly grateful for host housing because it helps save a ton of money. Golf is NOT cheap!  photo6

We enjoyed the lovely view for our morning devotionals.photo7

We stayed in the boathouse, and it had a small kitchen, so Jared made a fancy breakfast of turkey bacon and eggs on our practice round morning. We stick to the usual Peanut Butter and Banana Toast on tournament days to fuel us. photo8

The host family made us dinner two nights and we enjoyed talking with them! We had a fire pit one night. They volunteered at the tournament a couple nights, so we did our own thing and explored a little town called Lake Field and had the BEST PANINI of our lives!  It was filled with Smoked Ham, Apple, Caramelized Onions, and DOUBLE CREAM BRIE CHEESE! It was incredible!

photo9Unfortunately, Jared missed the cut at this tournament. It happens. Golf is full of ups and downs. We decided to make the most of it and turned my last two days with Jared into an opportunity to explore downtown Toronto!

We took plenty of Fig Bars to keep our hunger at bay in between meals. We walked 10 miles in one day! We wanted to see as much as we could! It was lots of fun just being together and seeing things that we have never seen before. It was my first time riding on a Subway. The Waterfront was absolutely beautiful!   photo10


We were so thankful that God blessed us with the opportunity to be together during the middle of a 5 week stretch on the road for Jared. It's never easy parting ways, but we are choosing to focus on the positives and remember all the blessings that God has given us!


Fig Bars (and Kelsey) had a great time in Canada, EH! 


Jared and Kelsey Wolfe

Jared and Kelsey WolfeTeam JK is a husband and wife team who love JESUS, fitness, and eating lots of healthy food. Jared is a professional golfer, while Kelsey is a full time nanny and a part time caddy for Jared when she's not working at her nanny job. Golf is a tough sport mentally and physically. Training in the gym and eating properly is crucial to a successful round. Jared and Kelsey are best friends and love to laugh together. They have a blog called the Wolfepack Write Ups that consists of stories about what's going on in their life, healthy recipes, workouts, product reviews, giveaways, and more. They're also on Instagram and Twitter if you'd like to follow them.

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