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5 Staple Foods to Stock in Your Kitchen

When you are on a mission to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself the first thing you need to do is clear out your pantry and restock with some must have healthy items.  The old saying “out of sight, out of mind” is very true when it comes to food.  If the first things you see when you open your pantry or refrigerator door are healthy options you are more inclined to grab those.  Additionally, if you eliminate junk food from your kitchen you are much less likely to indulge as those options are not readily available.

To kick start your healthy lifestyle add a few of these must-have staple food items to your grocery cart next time you are shopping.


Quinoa is a protein packed complex carbohydrate, often called a super food because of items rich nutritional content.  It’s simple to make.  Simply boil on the stove with water.  Quinoa can be eaten with veggies and lean meats, on its own, or a favorite way of our, mixed in unsweetened almond milk with blueberries.  Looking for a healthy option for the kids?  Mix a little honey into your quinoa dish.


Eggs are one of the best options if you are looking to build muscle, loss weight or fat and stay fit.  Eggs can be hardboiled, bagged and taken on the go or cooked stovetop.  Mix scrambled eggs with oatmeal in the morning and serve with a side of fruit for a breakfast that is sure to keep you energized and satisfied.

Unsalted Nuts

When it comes to nuts, never leave home without them.  When you are rushing and hunger strikes nuts are an easy go-to snack.  Pistachios are a great choice when they are purchased in the shells because they take a little longer to eat. A tip when eating nuts is to pre-bag them in single serving sizes to ensure you don’t overeat them.  This will help you keep your nutrition on track.


Berries, as far as fruits are concerned, are low in sugar and packed with vitamins and minerals.  Shop seasonal berries to ensure they are rich in flavor.  If you find you have extra berries can easily be frozen and stored in the freezer.  Add them to smoothies later by mixing them with yogurt, coconut milk and flax seed.

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars

When you need something that’s easy to grab reach for a fig bar!  Did you know figs are rich in fiber?  Diets rich in fiber tend to have a positive effect in weight management.  Plus, figs are deliciously sweet.  Fig bars are great options to eat at home or on-the-road.  Loved by kids and adults, they come in a variety of flavors.  You’re guaranteed to find one you like!