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Giving Back to the Community

Junior Tahoe Waterman Camp

Four years ago, Anik and I had a vision to share our passion for paddle sports and Lake Tahoe with the local community.  Our goal was to give local kids the opportunity to enjoy Lake Tahoe while providing them with tools and knowledge about water safety, water awareness and proper paddling technique for Stand Up Paddleboarding, Prone Paddleboarding, Outrigger Canoe Canoeing and open water swimming.

In the winter of 2011, The Junior Waterman Camp was created to offer a unique, dynamic waterman environment in which the participants master the mental, physical and technical skills of paddle sports as well as swimming and water safety. In 2011, we launched the camp with a one week session; the nine participant enrolled that year were mainly friends and family members.  At that moment, we realized that the The Junior Waterman Camp was a great place for any kid who likes to play in and on the water and that is looking to improve their skills, work hard, make new friends and have fun!  In 2012 our mission became clear; to provide local athletes with the tools to improve and to enjoy the Tahoe Waterman Life!

Over the years, we have learned and become inspirational leaders.  We have seen a growth in the camp with kids and the community embracing the high altitude water elements.  The Junior Tahoe Waterman Camp has brought the youth together to grasp the feeling of confidence and team work.  In 2015, we shared our passion and knowledge with over 100 kids traveling from Utah, Colorado, Southern California, San Francisco and even Spain.

Anik and I strive to continue to provide an active and healthy water lifestyle using paddle craft and swimming while understanding water-safety and awareness and we are hoping to open the program to adults.

In the mean time, these projects and dreams are designed with our passion for competitive paddling and our growing coaching careers.  With the help of amazing friends and and supporters like Natures Bakery, Surftech and Quickblade we stay motivated and we continue to grow and become better coaches with progressive paddling programs.

At the end of the day, this is the most meaningful reward we can get: A quote from a parent.....

“She was SO happy after four days of camp. Thank you for providing a wonderful experience for the children. Her confidence has increased so much. I had to force her to go the first two days. She has spontaneously said, "I love you" to me five times tonight. I know it's because she feels so good about herself and is appreciative that I sent her to your camp. We moved over the summer and she will start at a new school after Labor Day. I think the camp helped prepare for that.”


Hope to see you on the water.

Jay and Anik!