Fig Bars are a “Hole in One”

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The question Jared gets asked quite frequently is...
"WHAT DO YOU EAT? Before, during, and after your round?"

 kelseyAs a healthy eating plan is important for EVERYONE, golfers have a unique schedule because they warm up for about an hour before their tee time, their round is 5-6 hours long, and they practice a little after the round to fine tune things. It is a LONG DAY, and there are not "set breaks" thrown in to sit down and eat.

kelsey2Jared's pre-round breakfast is ALWAYS some type of nut butter and banana on 2 pieces of toast. Sometimes, he eats some oatmeal too. This is just part of "OUR" breakfast one morning. Not all is pictured.

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  • During his rounds, he will snack on things like Nature's Bakery Fig Bars.
  • Protein bars we find on sale that week, nuts, and drinks from Cocogo.
  • We are enjoying finding brand new snacks each month, thanks to Fit Snack Box.

This month, Jared enjoyed eating the Almond and Pumpkin Seed Mix during his rounds. My favorite was the Sunbutter packets! Order yours here and get a free bag with any plan! It's impossible to eat an actual meal during a round, so snacking frequently on healthy things is what he has to do. He ALWAYS has a peanut butter sandwich at the turn. (After nine holes for those who aren't clear on the golf lingo... It took me a while to learn all of it!)

He is constantly moving, so he is using a lot of energy. Some courses can be as long as 7 miles! That doesn't include the days when a rain delay has taken place and he has to play MULTIPLE rounds in one day!


When I get the opportunity to caddy, I have to eat a lot too. That bag is NOT light! :)After the round is over, he looks forward to eating an actual meal at a table with utensils. ;)

During a tournament, he typically eats different variations of pasta, rice, chicken, and veggies. On the last day of the tournament, if we are together, we ALWAYS chow down on PIZZZZZZAAAAA!!!!


We prefer our homemade pizza, but if we aren't close to home, we definitely find the best pizza place in the town!

So there you have it. That's what THIS golfer likes to eat during a tournament. Every golfer is different and has their own routine.

We want to give a HUGE thank you to Nature's Bakery for bringing us on board as Ambassadors! We are so grateful to be a part of the team!

 If you play golf, what are some of the things YOU like to eat during the round?

Jared and Kelsey Wolfe

Jared and Kelsey WolfeTeam JK is a husband and wife team who love JESUS, fitness, and eating lots of healthy food. Jared is a professional golfer, while Kelsey is a full time nanny and a part time caddy for Jared when she's not working at her nanny job. Golf is a tough sport mentally and physically. Training in the gym and eating properly is crucial to a successful round. Jared and Kelsey are best friends and love to laugh together. They have a blog called the Wolfepack Write Ups that consists of stories about what's going on in their life, healthy recipes, workouts, product reviews, giveaways, and more. They're also on Instagram and Twitter if you'd like to follow them.

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