Nature's Bakery

Fig Bars and Motorcycles

There is a time in every child's life where he wakes up early in the morning, dreading to get ready for school, and just hopes that his parents will tell him, "lets ditch school today".  Well, it was one of the those days.

We dusted our dirt bikes off, changed the tires, got geared up, and packed ourselves some water and a handful of Natures Bakery's Fig Bars. We drove to our destination in the middle of the Sierra National Forrest, hopped on the bikes and started our adventure.

The weather was perfect, it was just me and my five year old son smashing and endless network of fireroads. We took the rode about 10 miles back, stopped and ate some fig bars.  His favorite is the lemon, mine is the raspberry.  We then kept moving along until we got to our half way point of 17 miles where we stopped and told our tales of close calls from past adventures.

On the way back down we were able to take in the gorgeous view of Bass Lake and all that California has to offer.  The Fig Bars were so easy to carry and we finished off our ride with a total of 36 miles and with the help of Natures Bakery's fig bars I think we have enough energy to do it again tomorrow, too bad it’s a school day.

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