Nature's Bakery

A Cycling Everest Attempt

An “Everest Attempt” in the world of cycling is where an individual tries to climb the elevation equal to Mt. Everest in one ride. That’s about 29,000 ft or 8,800 m of elevation gain in one ride, so its usually a pretty big day in the saddle. I started the attempt with very little prep and a past knee injury that would come to bite me early into the ride.

I did however have sufficient fueling from Nature's Bakery with their amazing fig bars. See the thing with climbing is weight is very important, and with a 16 hour ride in front of me, getting in enough calories and carbs was going to be important. I brought with me three fig bars on each pass of the climb, eating one every 30-45 min. I had a small support crew (my wife and bro in law) but they couldn’t be with me the whole time, so in between re-fueling with them I knew I was covered by Nature's Bakery fig bars.

The story of my Everest is a dousy, and I put together a small documentary style video that goes through the day before prep, and the epic day of climbing, and the explanation of the finish. If my knee had held together, I would have had it in the bag, but I was never hungry thanks to Natures Bakery and their killer fig bars.