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Having an Altruistic Holiday

The holidays can be joyful for most, but also stressful and expensive for some. The funny thing is some of the stress and expenses are due to pressures we put on ourselves and they can very easily be removed or at least decreased.

When we focus too much on giving our children or loved ones a million and one gifts, we add that stress and expense. Sure, it is a blessing to be able to provide for loved ones. I will not discount that. But, as a whole, are we going overboard?

I saw a Facebook picture post recently with a Christmas tree and presents stacked all the way to the top of the tree. I am not going to provide my opinion, because I do not know how big of a family he or she has and the comments made on her post were plenty judgmental already. However, I do think a lot of money went into those gifts so it isn’t a new thought that perhaps society, as a whole, does go overboard a bit.

What if we each spent a little less and gave a little more? It could even be an annual family event. Think of the joyful lesson a child or another loved one would gain from being fully involved in giving a gift to someone in need, making a meal for the hungry, or simply volunteering to walk dogs that have to spend their holidays in a shelter. My husband recently bought pet beds, toys, and food to donate to our local shelter here. I couldn’t help but think of how impactful this will be whenever my son is here and can grasp the concept of giving.

I, myself, have not been on top of altruism this holiday season. The good news is, though, it is NEVER too late to have an altruistic holiday. And altruism can last all year long! I plan to find ways to give back over the next few days. What about you?

And just so I throw in a bit of wellness, giving back is also good for your well-being. The thought and joy that goes into paying it forward can actually relieve a bit of that holiday stress.

Merry Christmas and Happy Altruistic Holidays!