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Over the past few weeks I've been through six countries, slept in four those in six different locations. My first stop was in Chamonix, for the second stop for the women for the Freeride World Tour. I was managing a bit of a cold that hit me prior to leaving the states but when it came to the comp day I was feeling pretty good. Unfortunately, I had some bad luck and hit a wind drift that took me out. When approaching it I thought it was nothing I couldn't handle, I was wrong along with a few other athletes. I proceeded to get up and try and continue despite my crash but unfortunately my goggles were filled with some snow and I kept having to try and adjust them. I decided it was safest to skip my bottom feature and just ski down.

Early morning inspection

Early morning inspection

I was pretty disappointed with that finish and with two competitions left to go before the finals, I definitely had my work cut out for me. It's okay though, the way I look at it is some people crash throughout the season, some in the end. I got my two out of the way already and I'm looking forward to the next stop back in California at Kirkwood! No better place to redeem yourself than in your home country.

After Chamonix, Reine Barkered and I headed to La Grave, France. This place has been on my list ever since I heard about it the first time a few years ago. Unfortunately, it's still on my list after my cold, which probably was the flu. I spent my time in bed while Reine enjoyed a day at La Grave. By then I had ran out of all of my Nature's Bakery bars since staying in bed felt better than heading out for a meal.

We then headed to some random town in Italy between Lake Como and Lake Lugano to try and get some rest. Not much happened there cause soon enough we would be in the midst of ISPO, Europe's winter sports trade show, which is just massive. I lost my voice there, not the best place to do so when meeting with sponsors and old friends.

Currently I'm in Montafon, Austria! I've kicked my cold and I'm ready to get back out on the hill. We've had one day of some sun so far but now it's currently dumping, which is awesome. We hope to get some filming in when the storm clears and conditions are a bit safer.



Yo! I'm Emily, a new addition to the Nature's Bakery family, and psyched to be a part of such an awesome and authentic brand! I'm writing this from the San Francisco Airport, where I have a 7 hour layover en route to Barcelona to go sport climbing for a month. I am a professional rockclimber, and I spend a lot of my life in places like this - in transit to climbing destinations around the world, and I have since I was a kid.

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado and started climbing when I was 10 years old. I...

Winter Has Offically Begun…

It's January 17th and I returned a few days ago from my first stop on the Freeride World Tour up in Revelstoke, Canada. 40 hours round trip of driving, a handful of powder days, a weeks worth of pre contest jitters and 2:00 minutes on the comp venue sums up the past two weeks.

Starting gate in Revelstoke

I returned home and went straight to the Village Ski Loft to swap my boots for a smaller size. I...

I’m Armed With Cold Turkey And About To Get Down To Some Serious Route Planning

Apparently I’ve been a good girl this year. That, or all the letters I wrote to Mr Claus aged 5 to 8 racked me up enough brownie points to see me through (it’s quite possible, I wrote a lot). And what do good girls get for Christmas? Maps, of course. Glorious waterproof papered, contour-informing, bike shop-sign-posting, campsite-navigating, Adventure Cycling Association maps.

Christmas presents from my very supportive family. Branded T-shirts, badges and...

Back in the training cycle!

I'm super excited to finally be "back" and starting my new training cycle in preparation for The Gobi March 2013, which will commence on June 2. It's been a bit of a tough road back following The Sahara Race, but I'm ready to tackle this 3rd desert with a full head of steam! Let me first catch everyone up on the going's on over the past couple of months and then dive into chronicling this new adventure.

After returning from Egypt, my body was completely wrecked for...

Tour de Matabungkay, Philippines

After a long flight I stepped off the plane in Manila, Philippines and when I went to gather my luggage I saw a woman holding a sign with my name on it, “wow…v.i.p. treatment” I thought. I wasn’t expecting someone to be waiting for me but it was a welcome surprise as she quickly got me sorted with transportation to Matabungkay.

Matabungkay is 100km to the south of Manila and the lack of major roads makes it a three and a half hour drive. As we drove along through the...

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