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Lemonade Anyone?

After a lackluster performance at the Reno Wheelmen Geiger Hill Climb Time Trial on Tuesday, April 30, 2013, I sat around at the summit cheering on riders and soaking in the stories of summit times, epic efforts, gear choices, and the normal bike chatter. Of course  by lackluster I'm merely stating the obvious that anything Sub PR (Personal Record) is always lackluster. Seriously though I was easily 45 seconds slower than my time last July. Today I was the bug and not the windshield.

Geiger 4-30-13













So, I left the summit and did not see anyone go with me so I ASSUMED I was solo on the descent. A couple of miles from the summit I see two 8' boards lying in the uphill lane. They were causing riders to have to swerve nearly to the center line to avoid them. Definitely NOT SAFE, not to mention not cool when you're suffering to go up as fast as you can. Shortest distance and all that...

In a split second decision, thinking to myself, as the good Samaritan I am, "I should move those." I grab some brake and start looking over my shoulder for traffic.... WHAM!

It appears I grabbed too much brake and slowed too fast because my teammate Skinny Jim could not avoid me and we both hit the deck. HARD!

I'm fairly certain we were going over 30 mph. I turned my Garmin off. I own this crash. I take responsibility for not looking behind me sooner before slowing. I am so very sorry, Jim!

Equipment Damage: New Aeon helmet was cracked. My Madone SSL "Black Beauty" has cosmetic scrapes and both shifters. The invisible bra material I had put on earned it's keep. Two places where the paint would have been severely chipped now just have a tear in the bra material. Jim's saddle was torn up.

Giro Helmet 3Giro Helmet 2Giro Helmet 1

Human Damage: Jim broke his collarbone in two places and is scheduled for an Ortho appointment to get it fixed. He tore up another kit and his arm warmers so I'm giving him my Mondo Jersey for the rest of the season. Of course that's if /when he's ready to race.. probably more MTB than road for a while I suspect.

I rung by bell pretty good. I suffered mild nausea and headache that came and went in the following 36 hours. Also, stiffness and soreness in neck and torso. I was wearing my REI jacket, so I didn't tear up my kit. I have minor road rash on my right  knee and  hip.

Mostly from experience but also because old guys don't bounce, I'm going to take the next couple of weeks and do only easy riding and work myself back into competitive shape for June/July races. I'm also going to skip my race next weekend. There will always be more races. My brain is more important to me  than the $45 race fee.

Skinny Jim: " I have to accept some responsibility as well. After coming over the false flat I was coming up on JP fast. As he didn't slow prior to the boards in the road I didn't think he would stop. I should have let him know I was coming. I have much to learn about riding on the road. Having surgery tomorrow . Plating the collar bone and reconstruction of some ligaments . Fellow cyclist Dr. J. Zebrack is doing surgery. He's had 4 already this week. Mine is the worst though. No KOM for me but I got KOCB(king of collar bone). 2-3 months off the bike".

Our lives are made up of a string of events. Some good and some bad. I choose to revel in the good and shrug off the bad. Stuff happens. Or as my grandmother used to say "poo-poo occurs." I'm thankful that it was not worse and no cars were involved. Both Jim and I learned a few new lessons and we will both be better cyclists from it. We also share the same positive attitude about life events.

How one chooses to deal with traumatic events is simply a choice. I was just handed another basket of lemons. This lemonade tastes just fine!

Back to Spain! And more…..

I'm baaaaaaack in Spain - this time accompanied by a bit of rain. :(  It's alright though because we are making it work and still climbing almost everyday.  The purpose of my trip this time is to train for a expedition in Morocco that begins May 9.  My climbing partner Hazel Findlay and I are preparing to climb a massive 2600ft limestone wall outside the tiny village of Taghia in the High Atlas Mountains.  The trip is supported by our sponsor The North Face and will be filmed for a segment in this year's Reel...

Scaring Myself Silly

I freaked out a little last night. When I say ‘freaked out,' I mean I laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling for a good 20 minutes. The only freaky thing was I spotted a cobweb - note to self, do some cleaning.

I often find that half the battle is realizing when you’re afraid. If I've got something on my mind, I get agitated and snappy - my housemate can attest to this.  I am at least aware when I’m behaving like a less than ideal human being, so when I catch myself, I stop -  and question why...

Time to Recharge

Well, I went to Spain for a month and then returned home for a week. Only to leave again for Colorado and Utah to shoot a segment for 60 Minutes Australia and give a talk in Utah. Now I'm finally home again. This time for two whole weeks, but it actually feels like a significant period of time compared to the hectic travel I've experienced in the last few weeks.

Spain was awesome, as usual. I love the country, the people, and most of all, the limestone. It's absolutely stunning....

Waiting in Austria

After the a brief stop in California for the third stop of the Freeride World Tour at Kirkwood and few days back home skiing at Squaw it was time to get back on the road. I once again packed my bags and flew back over to Europe for the fourth stop of the tour in Fieberbrunn, Austria. When we were in Kirkwood we all wanted to be in Europe because the snow was just amazing then. Well, as soon as we headed back to Europe it snowed in Tahoe and became spring in Austria. This was not quite what...

Lofoten, Norway

Earlier this month I traveled North to Lofoten, Norway. I've traveled to many places but this is one of the most picturesque areasI have ever been to. We had hoped to get some ski touring in but also knew it was a bit late in the season to ski. We headed Northfrom Are, Sweden, (where I will be spending my summer this year) on a 9 hour drive and then a 3 hour ferry ride from Bodo, Norway to Lofoten.

Ferry from Bodo, Norway to Lofoten, Norway

Reine Barkered...

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