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The last couple years I have had the opportunity to take my bike with me when traveling during our summer vacation. I look over maps of the area I am going to be in and search out possible routes. Last year I had the opportunity to ride up Trail Ridge Road (Once in a Lifetime). This year I was in Utah, visiting friends in Park City. I knew that Midway was on the other side of the mountain, and there was a road that connected the two. This has been part of a stage of the Tour of Utah for the past few years and about 1/3 of my route will be the last stage of Tour of Utah this year.stravaPC

I started my ride in the morning, around 6:30, to avoid the heat and get back in time before the free breakfast at the hotel finished. I lived in eastern Utah when I was a kid and the terrain is pretty comparable to Reno, hills and sagebrush. The Wasatch Mountain range offers a greener option to enjoy.PCHills

My route took me to the north and east side of Jordanelle Reservoir, to the small farming community of Kamas and Francis. From there I headed back west and the south end of the reservoir. This brought me to my second small climb, only a couple miles long, that dropped me into Midway. After a few miles through the flats the climb began.

From here until I reached the summit and dropped back into Park City is the course of the ToU. It is a brutal and beautiful climb. If you can manage to look around you while sucking in as much air as possible and trying to ignore the massive pain through your legs, you will have pleasant alpine views with pine and aspen trees. The pain comes from an 5 mile climb at 10% average grade, with maximum at near 20%. Someone had painted “HELL” on the road for the race, I knew I was in for it on that section. The climb peaks out at 8700 feet, before dropping back into Park City. Even about half way up the climb there are great views looking back into Midway.midway

This ride wasn't as epic as Trail Ridge Road, but was just as challenging and beautiful. The Wasatch Mountains offer many adventures, if you are in the area give it a go.

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