Nature's Bakery

7 Months on the Road…

In the Fall of 2016, I left Colorado with not much of a plan other than exploring Spain. I didn't know who to climb with, where to go or how long I would be gone for.  My mantra was "One crux at a time."

I had to take a short stopover in Kalymnos to partake in a photo shoot with prAna, before I could start my Spain adventure. A friend of mine had organized so that I could stay with a girl called Linda during the photo shoot, who lived and worked on Kalymnos at the time. Linda and I were both busy, and even if we shared her apartment we didn't really have time to sit down and chat or get to know each other. The last night before I was leaving for Spain, we finally had the time to sit down at her balcony and share a beer. She asked me about my plans and honestly I didn't have much of an answer other than, “I'm going to Spain... flying to Barcelona tomorrow, wanna come?"

8 hours later, she had packed down her home in Kalymnos, quit her job, booked a plane ticket to Spain and was ready to take the boat to Kos with me early next morning. Nether of us had any idea that this was the first day of a 7 month journey traveling through Spain, Italy and China together.

“Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, looking back you can barely remember how life was like without them.”