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Figtastic Bike Giveaway

Unknown-2As we reach the end of National Bike Month, we thought it would only be fitting to giveaway a super nice beach cruiser to a lucky Nature’s Bakery fan to go out live life’s great journeys!

Share and upload a photo that shows how you live life’s great journeys. Whether riding 100 miles or taking your family to the park everyone’s journey is different and we would love for you to share it.

The fire engine red Electra bike cruiser comes complete with a basket filled to the max with Fig Bars and a great price tag of Free.

We know that each of our amazing and figtastic fans enjoy life differently and we wanted to a giveaway a bike that fits any lifestyle no matter the skill or extreme level you live. It is all about going out, enjoying what nature has to offer and living a healthy, active lifestyle.

To enter to win, it is all very simple, follow this link:

The giveaway will run through Facebook and is open to all new and existing Facebook fans.  Winner will be selected on Monday May 26.

Good luck!

Road Trip

Every year I set new goals for myself, typically relating to athletics. The first year after my accident I was able to hike well over 450 miles. The second year I ran over 500 miles. This year I have upped the goals.

Goal #1. Land a backside double cork 1080, a trick I always wanted to do before my accident. (it's at the end of this video)

Goal #2. Bike over 1,000 miles this summer.

I accomplished my first goal on May 1st at a private shoot at Northstar, California. I couldn't have been more excited! Two days later, my brother,...

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars – A Kosher Certified Product

Hello. It’s Andrew again, Director of Marketing for Nature’s Bakery. Today’s topic originates from one of the inquiries that we received on our Nature’s Bakery Website regarding the term “Kosher”.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to address “Kosher” and the commonly asked questions surrounding it, such as:

  • Are Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars Kosher
  • Who is the Kosher certifying body for Nature’s Bakery?
  • What does the Kosher Certification symbol look like?
  • Where is your Kosher Symbol on your Fig Bars?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “Kosher” as:

1. a: sanctioned by Jewish law; especially : ritually...

Pay It Forward

Hi. It's Andrew again, Director of Marketing for Nature's Bakery, here with another update for The Goods: Inside Nature's Bakery.  Today, I wanted to share with you, our fans and readers, an experience that I thought was really cool.

This morning I was on my way to watch a friend play a tennis match. It was only about 38 degrees out and I made a quick decision to grab a hot coffee at a local Starbucks.  I went through the drive-thru, ordered my coffee and made my way around to the drive-thru window to ante up payment. As I pulled...

Our First Experience as an Exhibitor at Natural Products Expo East 2012

Hello again, Andrew here with another update from The Goods: Inside Nature's Bakery. With Nature’s Bakery being a young all natural snack food company, we weren’t sure what to expect as 1st time exhibitor at the Natural Products Expo Event in Baltimore, Maryland. It didn’t look like much when we were setting up on Wednesday. There were crates, pallets of products, empty spaces, forklifts, hand trucks and union works everywhere.

However, when the exhibit hall opened on Thursday at 10am, the convention center sprang to life. There were lines of...

Meet Nature’s Bakery Athlete: Liz Lyles – Female Ironman Pro Triathlete

Nature’s Bakery is proud to introduce Liz Lyles, our first athlete signed on to represent Nature’s Bakery brand and wear the NB Athlete insignia.

Who is Liz Lyles?

Liz is a mother of two, wife, pro female triathlete and fierce competitor out of Reno, Nevada. She debuted as a pro in early 2012 and quickly made her presence known earning 4th place in the Boulder 70.3 Half Ironman. As of most recently, through hard work and training, Liz secured her first Ironman 1st place pro title  competing in Ironman Wisconsin in addition to setting a new run course record for the...

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