• Nature's Bakery Ambassador Noah Friend
  • Nature's Bakery Ambassador Noah Friend
  • Nature's Bakery Ambassador Noah Friend

Noah Friend

My name is Noah and I’m the lead vocalist for the San Diego based hardcore-metal band ‘World Of Pain.’ Since childhood, I have been both a musician and an athlete. From elementary school, all the way until college, I was both a drummer and a runner. I played drums in various bands locally, did some short touring, and competed in both Track and Cross Country… And when I say competed, I mean that it was all or nothing. I attended a division-one high school and had the honor of being the team captain my senior year of both the Track and Cross Country team, with a 5K PR time of 15:32. After competing in my freshman year of college, I decided that it was time to hang up the running shoes and begin to focus more on my studies and working towards a career, while still playing music for fun on the side. My lifestyle took a turn into what some might consider the ‘opposite’ end of the physical spectrum, as my training transferred from the track, into the weight room, and I began an overall physical transformation from very skinny to muscular and lean. As my studies continued, the band I was in at the time went on the back burner and eventually parted ways. Within the next few months, myself and a few friends got together and we began a new project called World Of Pain. Fast forward to now, after a few member changes, stepping up from being the drummer to the lead vocalist,  and touring around the world.. after 4 years of hard work, we’ve become an internationally known hardcore-metal band and only continue to grow. Being the lead vocalist of a touring band, I have to make sure that my body and immune system are in top shape, as necessary to make it through night after night of performing, driving, flying, etc. Playing shows back to back really puts an overall strain on you, so staying healthy is a must in order to be able to perform and give it your all, especially being the vocalist. From staying properly hydrated, to finding various ways to work out and stay fit on tour, to keeping a balanced intake of proper nutrients, living healthy is not only key in my every-day life off-stage, but without a doubt the biggest and most important necessity on-stage. Eat healthy, Stay fit, Work hard, Make it happen.

Posts by Noah Friend

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