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Kreitler Racing Team

The Kreitler Racing Team has a long history of supporting and developing junior racers (age under 23). The team was formed in 1984 (formerly the Wright Flyers Racing Team based out of Dayton, Ohio) as a junior development team and has continued with this as the main focus of the team. Belonging to a bicycle racing team can be the perfect out let for many kids who do not fit into the basic “school” sports. We currently have three young adults who are now on college scholarships for cycling thanks to their involvement with the Kreitler Racing Team. With more and more universities supporting cycling scholarships, getting kids onto these college teams has become a goal of the team. Of course, as you know, cycling is quite expensive. And most of the kids I have coached through the years do not come from families who have enough money to pay the high prices for equipment. We have had so many generous sponsors thru the years, including Nature’s Bakery, that have helped close that gap for our young racers. This is not a here today gone tomorrow team. We are a well-respected racing team – one where the more experienced elite racers on the team work hard to support the under 23 racers we come in contact with – on and off our team. There is no charging the racers to join our team or coaching fees – as I hear many other “teams” doing. We are here to give back to the sport. To share the skills that have brought us so much happiness and healthiness in our own lives. I feel that we are doing a great thing with our team and as my kids grow up and start families of their own – I see the great influence being on a racing team has had on each kid. They learn to be successful. They learn hard work does pay off. They learn to be healthy and dedicated. They learn to Snack Healthy!

LuAnne Murray, Team Director

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