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  • Nature's Bakery Ambassador Fit Mom Diet
  • Nature's Bakery Ambassador Fit Mom Diet

Fit Mom Diet

Fit Mom Diet Team Bio: (Kim Miller and Shannon Jay Dougherty) 

Kim Miller and Shannon Dougherty represent the Fit Mom Diet Team (FitMomDiet.com).  They are both health and wellness experts, nationally published writers, clean eating chefs, moms, fitness models television personalities and advocates for empowering women to live active and healthy lifestyles.  Their articles, recipes and images can be seen online and in print publications around the country.  Miller holds a Master of Science Degree with a background in coaching and teaching.  A trendsetter in her field, she is an avid runner and has a passion for mental fitness.  Dougherty earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sports Medicine and is a certified personal trainer and sports enthusiast.  As an industry expert she is widely known for her candid approach to real fitness and healthy balanced living. The Fit Mom Diet community seeks to bring people together and offer helpful resources, support and encouragement to help mom’s live inspired lives.

Posts by Fit Mom Diet

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