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  • Nature's Bakery Ambassador H24cycling
  • Nature's Bakery Ambassador H24cycling


Team Herbalife presented by Marc Pro – Nature’s Bakery is a team of dedicated cyclists who have come together to pursue racing, epic rides, cycling advocacy, friendship, and teamwork. Many of us come from diverse athletic backgrounds, but one thing we have in common is that we aspire for greatness in all of our endeavors. Whether it be in community, in sport, the workplace, or a bad joke; we strive to take everything to the next level.

Our focus for the 2016 season is the growth and success of our USA Cycling registered Domestic Elite road racing team consisting of 16 fully supported Pro/1 racers. The team competes at some of the biggest races in the US against national and international competition, in addition to maintaining a strong presence at the regional NorCal level.


Recruitment for the elite team is extremely competitive. H24cycling is a small group of guys handpicked by our team owner, Philip Mooney. If you’re a high level cyclist wanting to race with us next season, don’t just send in a race resume. The only way to join is to meet and introduce yourself to Phil and the other guys on the squad.

We also have a Masters squad and development riders that compete in the entire spectrum of competitive cycling events, both on the road and in the dirt. We no longer recruit racers for any of these spots.

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The Roads Less Traveled by… June 21 2016

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