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Chris Montes

Chris Montes is an adrenaline junkie and through his photos, you can ride high above such Colorado landmarks as the old Stapleton air-traffic control tower, the plains outside Dacono, even Denver’s suburbs. “To me, there is no other feeling like flying,” he says. “It is the most natural and mind-freeing sensation there is. I do enjoy flying in planes… but the openness and simplicity of flying a paramotor is second to none. My paramotor is kind of like my own personal roller coaster.”

His passion for aviation began during early childhood when his father was in the U.S Air-Force. His father would sneak Christopher into the bases and hangars to see top-secret reconnaissance aircraft. “Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed of flying.” Christoper started flight training first in a Cessna at age 14, then began skydiving followed by paragliding. Fed up with all the rules that skydiving and paragliding clubs imposed, Chris decided to purchase a paramotor. This enabled the ultimate freedom of flight, almost anywhere at anytime. Chris says, “Seeing the world from a birds eye point of view is incredible and experiencing aviation in a form of flight unrivaled by any other type is an experience that is truly amazing.” Chris enjoys taking passengers for tandem instructional flights to allow them to safely experience flight while learning at the same time. When he is not playing in the sky, or working from home as a Software Engineer, you can find Chris snowboarding, wakeboarding, kite-boarding, Stand-up Jet-skiing, Shifter Karting, or just doing anything involving adrenaline…

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